Galuh Queen and White Tiger in Bogor Botanical Garden

Bogor Botanical Garden is the best place to learn about nature and also feel the chill weather there. However, this place is also popular for the mystery especially in the cemetery area of Queen Galuh. Not many people know including the residents around that Kebun Raya Bogor has several sacred tombs which are more than 600 years old. Those tombs are also positioned near the Red Bridge which is known as the mysterious place but who is Galuh actually?


The Mystery in Galuh Queen Tomb in Botanical Garden of Bogor

The tomb of Queen Galuh is believed as the tomb of Prabu Siliwangi’s wife. What makes it unique is when you see the tomb closer, you might see the golden replica made of cement. There is a crown that somehow shows that the tomb is belonged to Galuh during the reign of Pajajaran Kingdom. Beside her tomb, there is also tomb of Mbah Jepra and people believe he was the War Lord during the Pajajaran Kingdom side by side with the tomb of Senopati Mbah Baul. Those tombs are commonly visited by people there.

According to the story, there are many keepers who don’t want to walk around the cemetery complex because they believe there is a big white tiger that protects the tomb of Galuh. Galuh Mangku Alam is believed as the wife of Prabu Siliwangi as the lord of Pasundan Land. This tomb has been there since 600 years ago and the location is in the center of the garden with fence around it. When people enter the cemetery complex, they will feel calm and silent right away with the typical smell of “kemenyan” and also jasmine aroma surround the tombs.

Those tombs are located under the big trees and guarded by the keeper. The fences are built to keep this place sacred from people who want to do immoral things around the location. Atma Wijaya who is the keeper of the location says that this cemetery is guarded by the invisible white tiger. According to the story, the white tiger is the incarnation of Prabu Siliwangi. People believe that Prabu Siliwangi keeps visiting the tomb to see the last resting place of his families there especially his beloved wife.

That white tiger can’t be seen by naked eye. However, many people say that the white tiger can be seen by those who want to do bad things or immoral things near the location. The white tiger doesn’t want this sacred place become the place for irresponsible people like that. That is why, the white tiger shows itself to them to scare them so they will not do it anyway. Somehow, people who do immoral things there will get the misfortune in their life since the tombs are the sacred place kept for long time.

The cemetery is so scary and it is also near the Red Bridge that has been here since Dutch came to Indonesia. That bridge is believed as the scariest place in Botanical Garden because there is a Dutch woman committed suicide there. That is why, many people admit to see ghost and other entities there. That story is completed by the story of Queen Galuh tomb and also white tiger.


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