Sunan Muria, Mediator in Internal Conflict in The Sultanate of Demak

Every member of Walisongo had their own way to spread Islam and also teach about kindness in the land of Java. One of them was Sunan Muria. He was known also as Raden Umar Syahid. He was best known as the mediator in Demak Sultanate to reduce and stop the internal conflict within the kingdom. He had the unique way to do it and because of that, Sunan Muria was so well known in the land of Java and his taught can’t be forgotten until now.


The Unique Method of Sunan Muria in Spreading Islam and Solving The Problem

Sunan Muria was the son of Sunan Kalijaga and Dewi Saroh. His mother was the relative of Sunan Giri as well as the daughter of Syekh Maulana Ishak. The name of Sunan Muria was taken from his last place to live which was at the slope of Mount Muria, about 18km to the north of Kudus. Sunan Muria had the important role to spread Islam around Mount Muria. When he spread Islam, Sunan Muria always did the smooth way just like what his father, Sunan Kalijaga did. However, he was different from his father.

Sunan Muria loved to live in secluded or small area and suburban far away from the center of the town to spread Islam. During his action to spread Islam, Sunan Muria lived in one of the peaks at Muria named Colo. There, Sunan Muria interacted with many people and taught them about farming, sailing, trading and more. He used different method in spreading Islam and he kept the art of Gamelan and also puppet show as the mediator. He also created some Javanese songs such as Kinanti and Sinom.

His religion place was originated around Mount Muria and then, it was expanded in Tayu, Juwana, Kudus and also Mount Muria itself. By using the Javanese songs, he asked the society to apply the Islam lesson in life. The unique method to spread Islam made Sunan Muria was popular because he was immersed in the middle of society. He became the important person in Demak Sultanate to prevent and stop the internal conflict within the kingdom. It was because he could solve any problem no matter how hard it was.

The solution of all problems could be accepted by all parties, sides and people who conflicted. No one hesitated his good reputation in spreading Islam. He had the moderate style following Sunan Kalijaga and he entered to the many Javanese cultural traditions. For example, he knew about the kenduri custom held in several days after the death of one member in the family. He knew it was the tradition but when it was something mystical, he would change it to the prayers. Sunan Muria was also known as someone that had power.

He had the strong physical body because he used to go up and down from the Mount Muria. Many lessons can be taken from Sunan Muria. He was the mediator to any problem not only in Demak Sultanate but also in the middle of society. He could give the kindness and wisdom for most people in all elements while spreading Islam. Many people visit and pray on the tomb of Sunan Muria and the tomb was united with the Sunan Muria Mosque which is located at the peak of Mount Muria.


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