Tomb of The Tears of Queen Mother, More Than An Ordinary Love Story

There are so many stories in the world to describe the dedication of a women or a mother especially in Indonesia and one of them is the tomb of tears of queen mother located in Madura. Once you know the story about it, you will respect and love more about your mother and also women in general. This tomb is located in Buduran village, Kecamatan Arosbaya, Bangkalan, Madura. It is only about 11 km from the center of Bangkalan city which becomes the gate to enter Madura Island.

The History of Queen Mother’s Tomb in Madura from The Sacrifice of Mother

love ratu syarifah ambami 3When you want to reach that place, you need to climb up on so many stairs to the tomb. It is because, the cemetery complex is located on the peak of the small hill about 30 mdpl from the surface. Queen Mother was basically a woman named Sarifah Ambani. This woman was the descendant of Sunan Giri and she was the good wife and she did love her husband always who was king Cakraningrat. He was the king who was so respected by the society of Madura at that time and king led Madura in 1624 by the order from Sultan Agung from Mataram.

The king was so famous with its cleverness, ability and also power to be a leader. Then, Sultan Agung Mataram needed King Cakraningrat’s power to help them in building Mataram. Because of that, Queen Mother was left alone by her beloved husband. Of course, she was sad though she was the king’s queen. However her heart was just the ordinary heart. Every night, she cried alone since her husband must work in Mataram. Later, Queen Mother chose to meditate when she was sad.

In the middle of her meditation, Queen Mother asked to God so that her husband stayed healthy and their descendants could be the leaders and rulers of Madura. One day, king Cakraningrat came home to Madura and Queen Mother was so happy. She was not only happy because she could see her husband again but she also told her husband that she did the meditation and prayed to God about their future. However, Queen Mother didn’t get any compliment at all but King was so angry and disappointed.

love ratu syarifah ambami 2King was mad because his wife only prayed for their descendants to be kings of Madura but she didn’t pray to make their descendants to be the rulers or leaders of Madura. After hearing that thing, Queen Mother felt so guilty. When her husband went back to Mataram for his duty, Queen Mother went to meditate in Baduran village. In the middle of meditation, Queen Mother was crying without stop until her tears flooded her meditation place. It was happening until Queen Mother died there.

In Baduran village, you will not see the tomb of Queen only. You will also find other tombs of King Madura from 16th century ot 19th century. According to the history, those tombs are the tombs of 7 descendants of Queen Mother. Beside full of history, the art of the architecture around the tombs are described from the stones around so it makes the cemetery looks so mystical and sacred. However, many travelers come to this place. By knowing the story, you know the love and also sacrifice of mother to her family so you need to appreciate and respect your mother.


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