Kakaban Lake, Natural Tourism Attraction for Business

Kakaban Lake attracts people by its own beautiful natures. This beautiful nature located in Kakaban Island, East Kalimantan. This place is not only giving valuable beauty, but it still makes income for people around. Then, What kind of this place development for the sake of nature-preserve? Here are kinds of Business you can have for the growth of this world beauty.

1. Fun Snorkeling; Looking around the natural ecosystem makes you refresh and amazed to its nature. The way you spend the situation is through snorkeling. You can see brightly the beauty, the flora in this lake. This is such rare experience you can have in Kakaban Lake, one-two special lake in this world.

2. Close to Nature with Coral Reef Ecosystem Rehabilitation; Have you ever been finding the coral in a lake? An excitement of this place make you enjoy for having the different experience. While enjoy the nature, you can have rehabilitation of coral reef. This place has distinctive place from other place. But still, Kakaban Lake is still the choice to take your caring for nature.

3. An Available Scientific and Education Site; Well-spent time with your families, friends, and communities is the good idea. Else, you can still learn the scientific and practice of the nature of the earth. Still located in Kakaban, the idea for having the scientific and educating still becomes the business opportunities you to think of it. As it is Indonesia, this idea brings enjoyment and good campaign for worldwide tourism attraction in this country. Make it now.

4. The Cozy and Gallant Cottage and Hostel; Are you stressing of work in urban? Then the good way for refreshing and restoring the energy by coming the new different are from your habit. Nature still becomes the endless idea for taking granted. Then providing the cozy and the gallant cottage is the upcoming list for stay in several days. Providing the cozy and the gallant cottage are one of the satisfactions to serve the tourist and to have profitable and upcoming business to develop.

5. Setting Out the Journey with Tourism Center; Coming out to this place, but you still could not enjoy the environment and satisfaction of this place. This might be the worst journey ever you had on your life time. In preserving the satisfaction and the enjoyment of the tourist from over the world, whether local or international, tourism center is the solution to take for this problem.

6. Mangrove Visitation; Creating friendly ecosystem is the obligation for the rest of humankind started from early age to adults. The way to create friendliness is to interact with nature and recognize the natural circumstance around. However, Mangrove has the prominent and exemplary thing to share for the rest of ecofriendly world. Kakaban makes you comfort and recognize the existence of the beautiful nature. Mangrove visitation answers the challenge for developing the business based on friendly ecosystem.

7. The Unique and Distinctive Jellyfish Site; You do need to go somewhere far from this lovely country to enjoy the beautiful and distinctive nature from other countries. East Kalimantan has Kakaban Lake campaign the natural components to share in worldwide opportunities. Kakaban has the distinctive and rare jellyfish you can find without coming overseas. 4 different types of this jelly fish have no still in their body. These types are the only species you can find from the world. The types are such Aurelia aurita and Mastigias. Later the two others are Tripedaliacystophora and Cassiopea ornate. This rare species attracts the tourist for coming and visiting to this place to see directly this species. From then on, this opportunity makes growth of business.  Are you interested in this place? Find it here.

8. The Accessible and the Best Accommodation Ever. As this place is not in the heart of the urban environments, the tourists need to find and choose the best accommodation to take for having the adventured trip of Kakaban Lake. Tourist should use the speedboat and spend 1-1.5 hours to drop by in this curious place. Then, proving and serving the best accommodation are the good and nice idea to take into action. Speedboat rent is one of the coziness tourist can take to come in Kakaban. Thus, why don’t establish speedboat rent for the sake of the tourism attraction growth?

9.  Enjoy the Amazing and Fresh Air in the Lake; Strolling around then people will be amazed with this world tourism attraction is the way for preserving and sharing this tourism attraction to the world.  As the geographic condition, KakabanLake has sensational circumstance as this site places more than half of Kakaban Island. If the lake mostly has distinctive and large population scale, the amazing view and also fresh natural air are the obligatory benefit you can fill on your body. But still, the supported tools play significantly to have those benefits. Providing the private boats and all kinds of boats is the business you can make sure for helping the growth of this natural attraction.

10. Fishing Site; This site is fully accomplished by special jellyfish and become rare in the world. However, establishing fishing site could be the cool idea to take for facilitating people. This fishing site could be prompted for people who dislike snorkeling or swimming. They still can enjoy the nature in the fishing site.




 There are no matters left when you earn money from these natural resources. You have ideas to grow up the tourism attraction and make this natural view famous in the eye of worldwide. However, this will be dangerous if the tourism attraction is not treated well and is exploitedover the limit.

Consider the use of the natures well and conduct the eco-friendly use for worldwide. The usage that is equivalent to the nature treatment will give valuable and exemplary tourism attraction for world class. Therefore, this business brings the wide impact not only for people around, but Indonesia in the eye of global tourism.


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