Kawah Ijen Banyuwangi, Go Get the Business Here

The location of Kawah Ijen makes people is afraid or worrying the possibility and risk impacted from this site. Kawah Ijen locates in the top mountain of Ijen, Banyuwangi, East Java. This site places in the 2.443 meter above the sea surface. The depth of this lake is 200 meters in the sea and has the width 5.446 hectares. This site is well known as the acid lake and is famous as the largest crater with its acidity.

 Thus, is all crater components really dangerous then people could not visit this awesome acid crater? Nope. This awesome crater opens the local and international to enjoy the environment. Thus, the various and absolute business ideas are possible to create. Here are the moment lists for your own pocket entrepreneurship.

1. Tour de Ijen, International and prestigious event; The moment you can meet with the cyclist over the world, International Tour de Ijen. This prestigious yearly event opens the wider opportunities to get the business. Backing up the tools in the areas and enchanting the situation in the arena are the ways you can look up to open link and go earning coins. Do not miss this moment.

2. Conservation for environmental wisdom; The conservation of the beautiful Ijen is one of the wisdom to get the stability nature for keeping the nature safe. Not only that, this conservation then helps providing wealth for Banyuwangi.

3. The excitement of Blue Fire in Ijen; Have you ever heard Blue Fire along your lifetime and are you curious to have the joy of Blue Fire? Recording the moment of seeing the luminous bulb of Blue Fire is good time to raise the funds. The Blue Fire should owe the red-hot appearance. But, Ijen has distinctive appearance that people are amazed to the wonderful and interesting Blue Fire. Blue Fire are from dried sulfur coming from the bulb. The shining Blue Fire is going to be seen in the darkness. Thus, catch this moment with your camera for the tourist.

4. Solfatara, alluring Ijen; Part of Ijen tourist could not miss is Solfatara. Are you ready to get the most unforgettable pictures ever? Solfatara, the Crater Lake wall locates in the southeast part of Ijen. Solfatara always releases volcanic gas and high sulfur concentration. Then you can imagine the smelly situation. This place also has difficult track. Consequently, the high risk for getting this spot is not easy. But still, it is not impossible to earn the coins for this spot.

5. A must-bring Ijen Souvenir; Business souvenir is never missed in every spot on tourism attraction. Ijen also should have the souvenir special from this place. You gotta get the stuff to keep mind what has been happened in Ijen. Thus, this opportunity is the ideal idea to get the cash to your pocket.

6. Mine Excavation; The essence of mine to this place is taking granted for beneficiary thing. Mine Excavation is one of media to earn financial support through this nature world. Ijen has this mine to use wisely for the sake of environment welfare.

7. Roofing up mouth with eatable and edible cuisine; The special cuisine also has the highest rank to effort your business. The tourist around the world whether local or international must peculiar to the cookery taste in Kawah Ijen. Therefore, this is good news to roofing up mouth with eatable and edible cuisine in most beautiful spot in the world, Kawah Ijen.

8. Go with Taxibike; People need taxibike as media to arrive in Ijen. Taxibike later has ideal position to be established in this tourism attraction. Providing taxibike is the good think for gaining the funds.

9. A Cable Car, High Technology Accommodation; Providing the cozy and high technology facilitation represents the growth of tourism. Then having the cable car is the new distinctive fashion to Ijen. Consequently, the rate of coziness is equivalent to rank of interest to Ijen. Therefore, this brings additional funds to compromise.

10. The Helpful Tour Guide; As tourist wish having the comfort and unforgettable journey, providing the guide is not bad idea. The existence of tour guide also impacts to increase both individual income and tourism management. Thus, this must be a must-provided facilitation for tourist.




As the business is inseparable to the nature, there should be etiquette to establish. The management, individual and tourist should keep the balance of nature harmony.

1. Notice The Nature Aspects Should Be Kept Continuously; Nature harmony should run well without any disturbance. The balance harmony of nature makes stabile and performs high quality nature. The beautiful joy is obligatory aspects through the nature.

2. Keep The Ecosystem Alive; Humankind takes the benefits of nature to earn coins for the sake of human welfare. While the nature does not only consist of human, but animals, air, water. Thus, let them also running the ecosystem. Do not break their rules. Yet, breaking the ecosystem also affects to humankind directly. Thus, do not let any disturbance happened such as natural disaster impacted by imbalance ecosystem.

3. Affirm Public Policies; The comfortable situations turn into the number one aspect noticed in management business. Without concerning to the comfortable tourist, this decreases the interest rank for the visitors. Therefore, public policies that regulate the visitor’s role are the compulsory and noticeable policies to implement in Kawah Ijen.

4. Notice Animal Welfare; Right to live and stay in the nature is the noticeable policy. The entrepreneurs should notice the animal welfare as the etiquette establishing the trade. The entrepreneurs need to think wisely for taking the step of trade then it makes win-win solution for entrepreneurs, society, and nature variety.

5. Use Efficient Energy; The entrepreneur also suggests using the efficient energy. The energy saving is needed to establish the continuity of the work for the good way.




You can start your work right now. Go get the funds for your individual, communities, and regency. Have a good deal and good manner business for your lifetime.


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