Puja Mandala: A Religious Spot Center in Nusa Dua

The Beauty of Differences shown in Puja Mandala - Puja Mandala is an exceptional spot in Bali. It is a religious spot center which provides five houses of prayers within an area. From the east, you can find a Protestant church, a Vihara, A church for Catholics and the mosque for Muslims to do the prayers. This place is also completed with a large parking lots that may hold thousands cars and motorbikes.

The place is to be built for the people around Nusa Dua, but it is often used by the tourists who accidentally or deliberately spend the time around the places of Nusa Dua. The place is exceptionally unique for it is combining all the houses of religious from every religious that acknowledged by Indonesian government.

The place is truly the manifestation of “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” of Indonesia’s national theme. The beauty of worshipping Tri Sandya, then the bell of the church, the continued by the sound of adzan always heard every day here without anyone being bothered by others. What a beautiful harmony you can see there. Heaven is real, isn’t it?

The reason for the people to come there is mainly because its uniqueness, which make people curious about the harmony created in the situation. And such uniqueness and beauty in harmony won’t be found other than here.




The establishment of this spot was initiated by the people who carry out the spirit of togetherness among differences in their heart. They then agreed to make a symbol of peacefulness upon differences in Bali. First of all, the Muslims in Bali wanted to build a mosque in Nusa Dua. The idea was accepted by Joop Ave (the Secretary of Tourism at that time), he then came with the idea to build other houses of prayers for other religions spontaneously.

The establishment of the building is then become the symbol of the harmony for every religions in Bali. Then they started to build the spot in 1994 on 2 hectares land. The land was from BTDC (Bali Tourism Development Corporation). BTDC is in charge of the development of Nusa Dua district as the tourism spot in Bali. After three years, was eventually opened officially by Tarmizi Taher (the Secretary of Religion Affairs that time) in 1997.

The process of the building the five houses of prayers isn’t an easy one. In 1997 the Catholic Church Bunda Maria Segala Bangsa was finished. In the same year the protestant church Bukit Do’a was also done. Mosque Ibnu Batutah for Muslims was also finished in that year. While Vihara Budhina Guna was just finished in 2003, and Jagat Natha temple was only done in 2005.

Although the initial purpose of the building is to provide places for the tourists to do the prayers, later on the spot has turned to be one of the tourism spot to be visited by the tourists. The main reason why people come here is because the place gives you a unique touch of a religion tourism spot. In addition, its location is only 12 kilometers from Ngurah Rai Airport. And it is also located not far from the prominent Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue.




The word puja or pooja has meaning of ceremony of worshipping or prayers. While mandala means something real in our surrounding. When both words are combined, it has more or less new meaning like this: a real situation or area to do the prayers. And in accordance to its definition or description, Puja Mandala is indeed a place for everyone from every religion to pray to their Gods.


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