Reveals The Story of Eyang Santri, Legendary Historical Figure

The name of Eyang Santri is so popular in the middle of society especially in West Java and around. However, the popularity is mostly related to the myth and also magical things. No wonder that his position from historical figure becomes the legendary figure. Many people are so curious to know how Eyang Santri lived before and also his struggle. Fortunately, there are so many historical proofs that show the life of Eyang Santri and it is not only about his tomb.



Who is Eyang Santri as The Legendary Figure in Indonesia?

One of historical proofs about Eyang Santri is about his tomb located in the plateau at the slope of Mount Salak. The exact location is in Girijaya Village, Kecamatan Cidahu, Sukabumi, West Java. However, it is not the only proof you know about the historical legendary figure of Eyang Santri. The written historical evidence was also found related to Eyang Santri from Raden Ayu Hj, Ahdiyati or known best as Hajah Tito, the grand daughter of Eyang Santri. His full name was actually KPH Djojokoesoemo bin KPH Praboewidjoyo bin KGPPA Mangkonegoro.

Based on the story, Eyang Santri is known as the descendant of Prince Samber Nyawa. There are some copies of hand-written books and papers in Arabian language, Javanese language or Latin. Those books were found in the her parents’ house before being demolished. The house is located at the bottom of Eyang Santri’s tomb. In some manuscripts of the books, there are some Muslim educations such as tashawuf, fiqih and tauhid. Hajah Tito believes that those books belonged to her grandfather, Eyang Santri.

According to Hajah Tito, her grandfather was in Mount Salak because he avoided Dutch. Eyang Santri was the follower of Prince Diponegoro in the Javanese War against Dutch. After the war was ended due to Prince Diponegoro was arrested by Dutch, Eyang Santri became the fugitive too. Before staying in Mount Salak, he moved to several places. No one knew that Eyang Santri was in the Mount Salak and that fact is known recently by local people and also Dutch people themselves such as Douwes Dekker.

Some of important figures in the history of Indonesian movement such as Muhammad Yamin, Ki Hajar Dewantara, Sosro Kartono, Dr Soetomo, H.O.S Tjokroaminoto even the first president of Indonesia, Ir. Soekarno have communicated and interacted with Eyang Santri. In the book entitled “Kenang-Kenangan Dokter Soetomo” by Paul W. van der Veur, Eyang Santri was so old at that time and he was often visited by theosophys of Dutch and also the people of the movement. It is because Eyang Santri could give influence and good advice.

In his book, Paul says that Eyang Santri was the respected legendary figure and many people asked for his advice and suggestion by many people including the big names and also important figures in Indonesia. That is why, even though Eyang Santri lived far away from the residents, many people looked for him to find and get all information. Even his tomb is so popular and many people visit that place to pray and this is the proof that people still respect Eyang santri until now.


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