Santo Yoseph Denpasar Church: A Unique Church in Town

Bali is a perfect picture of cultural melting process. One of the main tourist destinations in Indonesia, Bali offers unique cultural and religious attractions. The tourists can see a picture of harmony among different religions and cultures. Muslims, Hindus, Buddhist, and Chinese people live in a shared environment here. The point is that Balinese people love the culture. This is manifested in many ways, including architectural design of religious buildings like Santo Yoseph Church in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.

Before discussing how to find travel packages, which bring you to the church and offer the right insurance, let’s see what makes Santa Yoseph Church special and things you can do around.




gereja denpasar 2Santo Yoseph Church is one of the oldest Catholic Church in Bali, if not in Indonesia. The church was constructed in 1935 but renovated in 1955. The church becomes an interesting place to visit in Bali as a part of pilgrimage tour or spiritual tour package. The church offers some unique values as it is rooted from the local wisdom of Balinese people.

The majestic church becomes more magnificent as it features the Balinese culture in the architectural design. At first sights, the tourists may think that it is a temple, instead of a church. It adopts the traditional architecture of Bali, thanks to the acculturative inspiration behind the building. The concept is line with the belief that a church, which is built upon local cultures and wisdom, tends to be more important in the society.

The church has been an integral part of Balinese community. It is blended perfectly with the natural environment, local traditions, arts, language, and cultures. The church characterizes the combination of Balinese styles and church design as specified by Vatican, as seen in the following elements:

1. The Balinese elements make the church look like a shrine;  They are evident in the use of palm fibers for roof and a building, which looks like bale kulkul that is common in a shrine. The interior design, including layouts and ritual facilities like altar, tabernacle, and many more, comply with the rules specified by Vatican.

2. The Balinese style in the interior designs are only decorative elements like leaves and flowers;  which are arranged in a such a way to tell the stories of holy people and Christianity. The catholic churches are rich with carvings and ornaments. The Balinese elements are used particularly for exterior decors, while catholic elements dominate the interior designs. Overall, you will see a perfect combination of Christian and Balinese elements in the exterior and interior designs of the church.



Taking a religious or spiritual tour package in Bali provides the travelers with many great things to learn. Santo Yoseph Church is located in the strategic area in Denpasar. Visiting the church brings you one-step closer to a number of spiritual tourist destination in the capital city of Bali. Yes, Denpasar Bali is home to a number of spiritual sites, which become perfect tourist destinations. They include:


1. Pura Agung Jagatnatha

This is the largest temple in Denpasar, if not in Bali. Built in 1953, the shrine is located exactly besides Museum of Denpasar. Two festivals are celebrated every month in this temple, depending upon the lunar cycles. If travelers want to see the festivals, the best time to visit Pura Agung Jagatnatha is during the days of full moon (purnama) or new moon (tilem) as well as during the religious holidays like Kuningan, Saraswati, Galungan, Siwaratri, and many more.

Just like other temples in Bali, Pura Agung Jagatnatha consists of several shrines. They are rich with Balinese ornaments and stories from Hindu gods, goddesses, and epic stories of Bharatayudha and Ramayana. They are well carved on the walls and stones around the majestic temple.

As in other Balinese temples, visitors are required to wear Balinese traditional costumes like sarung and sash. The visitors who do not have them can get sarung and sash at the entrance to the temple. They are available at affordable rental fee.


2. Pura Pengerebongan Kesiman

The temple’s name is actually Petilan Temple. The name Pura Pengerebongan Kesiman is taken from a majestic ceremony regularly held in this temple. Located in Kesiman Village, the temple holds Pengerebongan ceremony eight days after Kuningan Day (usually on Sunday) every year. Some religious travel packages allow the visitors to see the rituals from the preparation until the end of the ceremony.

Balinese people begin the rituals by praying at Petilan Temple. All series of the ceremony are held inside the temple. After the praying session, the streets are closed by local people and security officers. Therefore, tourists who want to see the ritual performance must get into the temple before the pray. They must wear Balinese traditional costumes.

Pengerebongan ceremony starts around 9.00 in the morning and ends at sunset. It involves a number of ritual processions like Nyanjan, Nuwur Ida Bhatara, Ngurek, and many more. All the sessions are accompanied by Balinese traditional music and dances, like Barong and Rangda.  The essence of Pengerebongan ceremony is to maintain harmony between the universe and human beings.


3. Pura Maospahit

The name of this temple may remind you to the history of glorious kingdom in Indonesia, namely Majapahit. Located in the traditional Village of Tonja, the temple has archeological remains inside the building. They particularly come from Megalithic and classical period. It is true that the temple is one of the remains of Majapahit Kingdom in Bali. It was built in the 14th – 15th century.  

Instead of having Balinese architectural style, Maospahit Temple has Javanese architecture. This is evident from the structure and the reliefs found along the main gate and the building. Besides its status as the remains of Majapahit Kingdom in Bali, the temple is still used actively by the local people for traditional ceremonies. A number of local dance performances are regularly held here.

It is interesting to include a visit to the temple into your religious and historical travel package, as you can learn many things from the pre-historic artworks, such as stone table, in the temple. The temple has a number of facilities for the visitors like toilets, rest area, spacious parking area, religious building, picnic area, and many more. Finding accommodation facilities at varied budget range in the nearby area is hassle-free.


4. Pura Segara Sanur

When you visit Sanur Beach, Denpasar, Bali, you can visit the Segara Temple, which is located on Segara Ayu Street, Sanur, Bali. Literally meaning “sea temple”, it is one of small puras made of black lava rock and coral along Sanur Beach.

The temple seems to date back to pre-historic era. This is evident from the pyramid-shaped structure with a small shrine at the top. It is said to be one of the oldest temples in Sanur. You will find figurines like dragons, turtles, and figures of Hindu epics on the shrines.


5. Vihara Satya Dharma

This is actually a modern Chinese temple, which is dedicated to the Ma Cho (the God as well as Protector of the Sea). Construction of the temple began in 2006 and completed in 2012. It took long to finish the construction since it was funded with donations from people of Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, and Thailand.

Visiting Satya Dharma Temple, you will see a typical Chinese temple, since most of the decors were imported from China. Located near to the port of Benoa, Bali, the temple functions as a place of worship for sailors who come to the port as well as a tourist attraction. The temple is devoted for the deities of travel safety, business, and sailing.




Thanks to its strategic location, Santo Yoseph Church is close to a number of interesting tourist attractions in Denpasar, the heart of Bali.  There are many options to choose travel package with insurance to the church. You choose a package with exclusive visits to holy places in Denpasar or a combination or spiritual and natural attractions. The following are some interesting ways to choose:

gereja denpasar 31. Religious Tour Package in Denpasar

If you want to see the real picture of multi-religion life in Bali, you may opt for visits to the religious destinations discussed above. The five destinations are located in Denpasar. It takes only one-day tour to see those magnificent building. You can see that Balinese people are so proud of multiculturalism, which they preserve in the daily life.


2. Catholic Pilgrimage in Denpasar and Beyond

You can also find a tour package, which include visits to a number of catholic churches and Mother of Mary caves. Catholic churches are located in some regions like Tabanan, Badung, Gianyar, Karangasem, and Negara in addition to Denpasar city. You may need to allocate more time to visit these places.  The tour may include visits to Mother of Mary caves, such as:

a. Goa Maria Gumrih and Palasari Cave in Jembrana Regency

b. Goa Maria Air Sanih (Gomas) in Buleleng Regency

c. Palinggih Ida Kaniaka Maria in Negara Regency

d. Goa Maria Bunda Karmel and Goa Maria Slabih in Tabanan Regency


3. Religious and Natural Tour Package in Denpasar

Denpasar is home to more than 300 tourist attractions, whether they are natural, cultural, religious, and family attractions. A tour to Denpasar is not complete before you explore the beauty of the city. After visiting Santa Yoseph Church, you can go to one of more places below:

Denpasar has some wonderful beaches, which are ideal for a family trip. They include Karang Beach, Sunrise Beach, Padang Galak Beach, Pengembak Beach, Semawang Beach, Biaung Beach, Muara Beach, and many more. These beaches are not as crowded as Sanur Beach or Kuta Beach.

Artificial tourist attractions like Big Garden Corner is a great option. This is not an ordinary garden. Instead, you can see hundreds of large-size Balinese statues in the garden. They are ideal backgrounds for photography and even pre-wedding photos.

Cultural Village of Kertalanggu in Denpasar brings you to the serenity of life in the countryside. You might never imagine a large city like Denpasar still has a village, where everything is so natural. The visitors can enjoy some activities like horse riding while enjoying the wonderful view, making soaps from natural ingredients, and planting rice paddy.
Of course, those are only fragments of interesting things to do while in Denpasar, Bali. If you have more time, you can visit popular destinations outside Denpasar.


4. Stay in Peace of Mind with Travel Insurance

Wherever you go in Bali or other tourist destinations in the world, make sure to choose only tour package, which include travel insurance. Of course, the insurance cannot avoid unwanted misfortunes, but it is helpful after them. The insurance covers medical bill and liabilities associated with accidents, forgetfulness, disasters, flight delays, or anything that disrupt your journeys.

Finding a travel package with insurance is hassle-free, but finding a reputable travel insurance company can be a challenge. Make sure to choose a travel insurance company, which offers at least the following services:

1. Travel assistance. You will need it immediately in accident or losing travel documents.

2. 24-hour emergency service. When you are in emergency, you need someone to call. An insurance company must be available anytime you are in need of help.

3. Local emergency service is important, particularly when you travel to a country, where local people do not speak your language. Make sure that the travel insurance company has a local service to help you.

4. Flexible policy options. A professional and reputable travel insurance company should be able to offer flexible choices like medical treatment, medical evacuation, coverage for lost baggage and travel documents, coverage for flight cancellation fee, and many more. You may not need them all. Therefore, you can choose one or more coverage options based on your risk rate.

Traveling without insurance is a pointless thing. You can never predict what may happen during the journey, particularly when you travel abroad. Your journey in Bali will be an unforgettable moment, as you can enjoy all the attractions with peace of mind.


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