Saraswati Temple Ubud: A Charming Spot of Bali

Looking at the Beauty of Enchanted Saraswati Temple Ubud - Saraswati is known as the Goddess of knowledge. The Saraswati Temple Ubud was built to worship her. The temple is one of authentic proves how religiosity of Balinese has become part of their life. A lot of people come and do the worship on this temple. Moreover, the temple is not only meant as the worship temple but the place is also beautifully designed and completed with ponds full of lotus, adding its beauty and charm

And the beauty of the lotuses is one of the attractions for the tourists to come to the temple. That’s why the Saraswati Temple Ubud is one of the tourism spots that is highly recommended to visit when you have holiday in Bali.




Located in Gianyar, Ubud, Bali, the sacred Saraswati temple was built by I Gusti Nyoman Lempad, a master of artist from Ubud upon the request of The Prince of Ubud. Unlike most temples in Bali, Saraswati temple is designed beautifully with lots of garden and ponds full with lotuses. The lotus pond is just a perfect beauty towards the temple. Its beauty, added by the ornaments done by Ubud artists, has made the temple so beautiful, artistic, and charming and full of spiritual cosmic as well.

The lotus ponds are inevitable have become the main attraction of the Saraswati Temple Ubud. People who choose to spend the time there will fell the relaxation and the cool atmosphere like nowhere else.




Besides the lotus ponds which offers beauty and peacefulness as the tourist attraction, Saraswati is also completed with the performance stage. But unlike ordinary stage, which is usually has a higher position, the stage is actually a mere large yard surrounded by the lotus ponds. The traditional Kecak Dance is usually performed on the stage.

The dance is performed by many males who sit in a circle, and without using any instruments they shout the word “cak-cak” while they are dancing. They wear special costumes that round their waist. It is believed that the dancers are performing a certain communication with spirits or even gods during the dancing.

When you visit Bali, make sure that you visit this temple, and pay attention the schedule of the performance so that you won’t miss it for it is too good to be missed. The Kecak Dance is performed here only on Tuesday and Thursday starting from 7.30p.m. So, you’d better plan your trip well so that you are able to enjoy the performance and the beauty of the temple at once. 

In this temple you can also see the statue of Dewi Saraswati. The temple tells you a high value of culture and the local belief that have to be respected and preserved in accordance. And of course, this is one the tourism spots that you should not miss. Especially, if you want to learn more about the Hindu and Balinese high value culture of life.




As a temple, the main function of Saraswati Temple is of course for worshiping Gods. The day when the knowledge was bestowed to the Earth was known as Saraswati Day. And on that day, the whole Hindu people are obligated to do the worship for Saraswati who has been believed as the Goddess of the Knowledge. The whole Hindu people show their gratitude so that Saraswati will be willingly giving them the right guidance into the knowledge. No wonder, that Saraswati Temple is one the most crowded temple in Bali.


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