Trunyan Bali Burial, a Place to Pick up the Business Challenge

Trunyan Bali is place where many people coming to see something different from this place. The site locates in Kintamani, Bangli the oldest island in Dewata, Indonesia. Trunyan Bali turns into the mandatory site obliged to visit by many visitors around the world. Never think the unique things coming from this place, it is necessarily the opportunity to open the business and take care of it.

Are people curious about the place itself? How people can drop by in this site while it is the grave. This is such a scary moment then. No more worries. This site has something different, the unique things make you all necessary enjoy the site.

1. Truyan is actually the name of Burial; Trunyan is now the village where there is burial held for the corpse. The dead body is buried in this village. It is not something usual. People usually are buried in the soil or the enchanted box, but this burial does not use these kinds of tools to bury the corpse. The corpse is let on surface without having anything. Thus, the scenery has been opened to public and it becomes the general business for people in Trunyan.

2. A few of corpse is not perished; The more attracting view from this burial is the condition of the dead body. The corpse is not perished and is not made up through any kind of accessories. Further, the condition of the corpse does not release the malodorous and foul smell body. The oddity of this ambience makes tourist attracts to this tourism attraction.

3. The Protector, A hundred years Trees; One more unique fact, the dead body does not release the stingy smell because of the existence of the trees. The trees owe a hundred years ago that is able to cover the dead body. As the age of the tree is relatively long, the tree is believed as the sacred tradition. This tree has name given by the tradition. It is called trunyan. The giant trees help the dead body protected because the corpse does not use fabric. This giant tree is trusted as the tree absorbing the malodorous smell. Thus, this raretrusted fact invites the business man to develop this different burial for entrepreneurship.

4. Acquire the Requirements; The procession of this burial is only given to the common death. The death caused by accident, suicide, and even unmarried is not allowed to have a grave in this place. For taking the position the grave, the corpse should fulfill the requirements given by the tradition. Yet, the number of each tree consists of 11 dead bodies. No more.

5. Find SemaBantas and SemaMuda; As the place is not allowing the improper death to be buried here, there are places provided to those who have not requirements. The places called SemaBantas and SemaMuda. SemaBantas is place given to the uncommon death such as suicide and accident while SemaMuda is given to the genuine baby and people who are not married yet. This regulation is given through the tradition of the society in Trunyan.




This public tourism object attracts the visitor to come and fulfill the curiosity from this place. But still, the cheater and the extortion are frequent exist in this tourism area. Be careful and here are some manners you can anticipate in visiting this place.

1. Prepare Extra Charges; During the visitation in Trunyan, the local host might automatically accompany the visitors strolling and visiting Trunyan. Although the visitors do not ask for the help, but the hosting citizen are going to fix and make sure touring the Trunyan location. Therefore, the visitors should anticipate the extra charges given to the host of Trunyan.

2. Do Not Bargain The Seller; The Business existed in the way reaching Trunyan is accessories seller in floating boat. The seller thrives selling the products into the customer. If you are not going to buy the stuff, do not try bargaining because that will endanger the customers. Sometimes, the situation urges customers to do the seller wants. Thus, be careful in reaching Trunyan.

3. Choose official Tour Agency; The practice of unofficial tour happens in Trunyan. Many tour guide coming from untreated tour impact to the customer security and convenience in arriving to Trunyan. Therefore, the tourist should make sure the existence of official guide for anticipation the bad circumstances. Tourism business is separated into worldwide. Later, choose the proper one.

4. Be Calm in Extreme Path; The accommodation to arrive in Trunyan is not as accessible as land path. Trunyan could be accessed through some paths offered by wharf.  But through the access that is offered, Trunyan could not be ignored passing the extreme path.

5. Donate as you Eager for; There will be donation boxdisplayed in the area of Trunyan. The box consists of various currencies in great amounts. This kind of traps purposed for visitor to pump in great amounts. But, do not let yourself trapped in this situation.

6. No bringing the Skeleton; There is such magical truth considered by surrounding citizen. The skeleton, the trees and all around stuffs give valuable truth for the citizen then it makes them keeping the stuffs safe. The trusted issue also lets the skeleton thief worries or even feels the dangerous occasions. Thus, this warning is proposed to those who are interested in that stuff as the business asset.

7. Say Every Sentence Properly And Use The Good Manner; Saying improper words are prohibited in this site. The visitor is asked to say properly and is compiled with manners. The truth says when visitors are saying the bad or taboo words, the dangerous thing might happen. Thus, keep in good mouth for visitors.

Keep on mind and see what the situation might be looking for you. Trunyan is not scary, but it is still the sacred business ever.


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