Silsilah Keluarga Jawa (58)


Sadjarahe Mas Behi Kartodikromo, pensioen Wedana District Mantoep, Kaboepaten Djoewana Residentie Japara lan koelawargane

(No.001-018): poetra;

(No.019-073): wajah;

(No.074-248): boejoet;

(No.249-388): tjanggah;

(No.389-435): wareng;

(No.436 boejoete Raden Nganten Wirjo (Tari) No.80);

(No.437 tjanggahe Mas Adjeng Wonodjoio No.30)

Jadwal Pertunjukan Minggu Ini

Tokoh Seniman Jawa

Catatan Silsilah Keluarga

Pakem Sadjarahe Mas Behi Kartodikromo

Wedana District Mantoep, Kaboepaten Djoewana, Residentie Japara

Cari Silsilah Keluarga?

This Is Our Ancestors

Tomb of The Tears of Queen Mother, More Than An Ordinary Love Story

There are so many stories in the world to describe the dedication of a women or a mother especially in Indonesia and one of them is the tomb of tears of queen mother located in Madura. Once you know the story about it, you will respect and love more about your mother and also women in general. This tomb is located in Buduran village, Kecamatan Arosbaya, Bangkalan, Madura. It is only about 11 km from the center of Bangkalan city which becomes the gate to enter Madura Island. Selengkapnya...