Donate Now, and Become Part of the Founder of This Wonderful Icon

Sometimes we just don’t know how to become part of something important to a city. Volunteering or join a community for a good cause is certainly one way to make an impact and become part of something important. Another option is through donation and there is an opportunity for you to become part of the founder of a Wonderful Icon in Bali, Parsada Jagaddhita. Here is what Parsada Jagaddhita is and how you can donateto contribute to this project.

Parsada Jagaddhita or literally means Ruler of Universe is a name dedicated to a statue in Karangasem Regency, Bali. This place is intended to become spiritual tourism that unites the Buddhist and Hindu people in the world. Additionally, this place is also a theme park equipped with the most sophisticated technology suitable for a family trip. The newest addition to this tourism site is the statue of Si Mian Fo or the Four Face Buddha.

This is a Brahma statue facing the Jaga Satru waterfall. Therefore, visitors who visit this theme park will not only see this magnificent statue but also enjoy the beauty of panorama around Jaga Satru. It stands tall on a hill overlooking the surrounding valley and will look magnificent with its golden color and the lush green hills around it as the background.

This place is actually a tourism site that has reached its peak around the 80s. However, poor management makes this park lost its attractiveness. With this new development by building the temple and magnificent Brahma statue, it is hoped that theme park will reach its full potential again.

Brahma is one of the three Tri Murti Gods in Hinduism and is believed as the creator of the universe. The strong belief to this Brahma makes the community around the Duda Timur Village decided to build this statue.There is a high philosophy behind the decision to build a Brahma statue in this theme park. As the creator of the universe, this statue will be the starting point for the development of Duda Timur Village tourism.

I Gede Pawana, the initiator behind this plan stated his reason why choosing Brahma statue for this valley. It was because the Siva statue has been built in Tabanan and Vishnu statue (Garuda Wisnu Kencana) has been built in Badung. With this reason, it is only logical to build the Brahma statue in Karangasem. This statue will stand tall 30 meters height in an area of 10 hectares.

The cost to build this statue is estimated to reach approximately IDR 2.8 billion by involving the third parties who have a high concern of  Balinese nature and culture. They donate and sponsor this project to create this wonderful icon in Bali. However, the Jagaddhita foundation also opens a donation for those of you who wish to contribute to the building of this Brahma statue.

The building of this statue was started by the ceremony of laying the first stone and planting the ‘PancaDatu’ on March 24, 2019. This ceremony was attended by prominent and important figuresin Bali including Regional Secretary of Karangasem Regency Gede Adnya Mulyadi as the representative of Regent of Karangasem, Head of the Foundation of Parsada Jagaddhita Sony K Daniswara, and also the King of Bali, Ida Dalem Semaraputra.

The Brahma statue will be built by a statue maestro I Ketut Mare Sakah from Tohpati Village, Klungkung. It is estimated that the statue will take around 7 months to finish and has to be finished by October. The statue will be launched on November 9, 2019, to celebrate the anniversary of Si Mian Fo on that day. This celebration will be attended by national and local officials, also Monks and foreign guests.

It is hoped that this statue can be a new icon to be remembered and enjoyed all the time. But to reach this goal, the building of this magnificent statue will certainly cost huge money and will need huge help from people from all around. There are third parties who donate some of their fortunes to help to build this icon, but you can also help contribute to this ambition as well and become part of the founder of this statue.

This is one of the opportunity you can contribute to making something important and memorable. Your donation will not only help to build a statue but more than that, it is a preservation of culture and nature in Bali. So if you are one of those people who have concern for the culture and nature of Bali, then you might want to contribute to this project.

You can donate a little of your fortune voluntarily to help building this Parsada Jagaddhita or Si Mian Fo temple. You don’t have to be located in Indonesia or even in Bali to help us and donate. We accept a bank transfer to the bank account owned by Jagaddhita foundation.

Bank Permata Indonesia, With Account number: 8587.7777.7777.7777.

If you have further questions about this project you can send a message or call the contact person to:

  • Mr. Sonny (+62 812 86181 888)
  • Mrs. Michelle (+62 811 8682 908).


You can also check the Jagaddhita foundation’s Instagram account at to see how the process going so far.

There is also a 3D generated image available to give you an overview of how this magnificent statue will look like when it is fully complete. The four face Brahma will be depicted sitting on the top of the hill. There will be stairs leading up to the statue with a fountain in the center. Since it is located facing the waterfall, the visitors can see the statue as well as the waterfall from down below.

The building of this statue will not succeed without the help of the government of Karangasem Regency and the third parties sponsoring this project. Also, your willingness to donate will really help this project to complete, every little help counts! The Jagaddhata foundation expresses their gratitude for your help and wishes for happiness to all creatures in this world.

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