Gong Cave Pacitan, East Java, an Isolate Business

Business from Gong Cave, How Does It Look Like? - Pacitan is the name of the region in Indonesia, exactly in area of East Java. The geographical condition of Pacitan is fulfilled by chalk-mountain. The condition of this place is dry then make the absorbance of the soil is low. The ambience of the Pacitan that does not have enough nutrient elements makes insufficient tourism attraction above the surface soil.

However, Pacitan has the great and amazing tourism attraction under the surfaces. One of them is Gong Cave Pacitan. Even the place is the cave, but this location attracts people and amazed them with the gorgeous view in Gong Cave.



What Are The Special Quality From This Gong Cave?

Indonesian pride represents the beautiful and the amazing creatures to fulfill your eye view. These are the facts you never missed from Gong Cave.


1. Gong Cave, The most beautiful cave in Southeast Asia

The place is located in Pacitan, the rural area in East Java. However, the beauty of this place cannot be loosed by anything around the world. Gong cave is one of the most beautiful and gorgeous cave in Southeast Asia. It is well recommended as you have to see the natures from this beautiful cave.


2. Beautiful Stalactite and Stalagmite

The inseparable stalactite and stalagmite cover the full spacious cave. These stalactite and stalagmite are showing the beautiful creature hanging in the wall of the cave. Yet, the cave has the name to remind the shape and certain quality in the cave.


3. Legendary Site along the Centuries

This place was formed through the prolonged dry season in 19th century. The prolonged dry seasons affect the element of the cave is shape then is combined making the cave. Mbah Joyo and Mbah Noyo are trusted as the figure impacting the mysterious and magical story in this cave. Both figures were looking for water source in that dry season. Both figures are not finder the water, but they find other wealth.


4. The Cave sounds the voice of Gong

The mystical story might be speculated from this place. The sound from the cave sounds like gong, java musical instrument. Sound wonderful. Thus, you have to drop by in this magical place to feel the sensation.


5. The Adequate Facilitation

This cave has been facilitated with the complete facilities. The rest spot and praying spot are obviously available. The toilet is also available in this place. This nature has good quality business to enjoy.


6. Hotel and Hostel

These facilitations help you enjoying the beauty in whole time of the holiday. As this place is good deal with the business, the living room is available to well spent holiday people.


7.  Angel Room Is Available

The myth trusted by the people is the existence of angel room. This brings valuable business as it remains the magical world into visitor.


8. Crystal Room

The unique name is given as the stakeholder of this cave. This room plays significant role for the establishment of the cave. Dare yourself to come in here.


9. Murmur Room

This room is trusted as the gift from the God and it obviously owes the beautiful natures.


10. Ascetic Room

This remains spiritual power as people can see in the room.



Is That Dangerous Coming To The Cave?

The answers are obviously no way. This place has become the business path ways. There is safety procedure that is available in this place. But, there should be good way for visitors to notice and attend these procedures.


a. Prepare your Physical Strength

The conditions of your body affect your journey in the cave. Do not come into this cave in weak condition. As it is the natural attraction, you might face the extreme situation. Then you have to tackle the problem by yourself. Physical strength is the key to chase and take all the joy in this cave.


b. Prepare all the tools especially in humid situations

All you need is preparing what you need. The establishment of the business management cannot fulfill all the necessaries of the tourist. Yet, in humid situation every tourist might have different necessity. Do not take a risk for your safety, but be wise for your health.

 c. Mind Your Steps

Be careful walking in the cave. Keep cave harmony. Do not destroy the resources. To anticipate the possibilities, the magical story might happen if you do not mind your steps.


d. Do Not Hold Everything Freely

The temperature of this cave is natural sources. Then this might be different with human temperature. To avoid the destroy quality, do not hold everything freely. The tourist also needs to sensitive in keeping the nature. Enjoy and Preserve all the resources.


e. Keep The Cave Clean

Inconvenient condition might be happened if the situation is dirty and smelly. These circumstances should be avoided to keep the continuity of the tourism attraction. The clean and fresh air helps everyone enjoying and feeling at this place for all the time.


f. Give Suggestions to the supervisor

Making compliment and giving the criticism are the feedback supervisor needed to make the improvement of the place. Do not let Indonesian tourism weak because of nobody giving the good and supporting feedback.


g. Save You Dust In Your Pocket

You need to keep the rubbish till you come out from this cave. Do not give rubbish track in the cave. Let us keep the environment clean all the time by the tourist awareness.


h. Be Responsible Visitor

You are the one who have urges to enter and enjoy the moment you feel in Pacitan Cave. Be responsible to what you do.



Enjoy The Natures.

The tourist can learn many things from the cave. The condition of Pacitan does not make the tourism weak. All is about ability in managing and directing the nature into profitable idea. No matter the nature is, people need to thrive more in publishing the natural attraction. Nothing is dangerous, but dare to create adventure business and enjoy the natures.

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