Nusa Penida Bali? Visit Paluang Temple, You Don’t Wanna Miss!

There is a temple that is too dear to miss if you have the opportunity to visit the island of Bali. A must-see attractive temple that is different from all types of temples that are everywhere else namely Paluang temple.

Here you have a view of two temple shaped cars. The first is a VW Beetle type car and the second is a jeep. The VW Beetle is located on a quadrilateral stone stage. With gold paint on the cap, while the body parts are yellowish brown with tire colors that are almost the same color but lighter. This VW Beetle has a KD 013 vehicle number plate which means Karang Dawa and was restored on January 1, 2013.

While the other car is a jeep shape, painted red and in some places in the body looks worn with the color of cement that has not been refurbished. Even this car has a number DK 28703 DL. The meaning of this vehicle license number is DK, namely the vehicle code number in the Bali region, 28703 is the last date this pelinggih was repaired, which is July 28, 2003. Then GL stands for Gunung (Mount) and Lembah (valley or ravine).

Location of this unique temple

This unique temple is located in Karang Dawa village, Bunga Mekar Village, Klungkung, Nusa Penida, Bali. So, no wonder why this temple is also known as Pura Karang Dawa or Pura Mobil, according to the local community.

You can reach the location of this temple or pura about half an hour from the port of Nusa Penida. But do not be surprised, the road you will pass through is a bit difficult to pass because it has been damaged anywhere. Along the way, you will enjoy the view of the trees and shrubs, limestones cliffs, the beauty of the distant ocean and several houses. But the location of the temple itself is quite far from residential areas.

The story behind the existence of the Karang Dawa Temple

There are many stories that accompany the existence of the temple in the local community.

1.Often heard the roar of the engine and car horn in the middle of the night

Many local people hear there are times when there is a car engine and horn at night accompanied by bright lights as if coming from a car. But when approached closer to the location, it turned out that none of the cars were there. Nothing at all unless these statues of the cars.

2.Saved from robbery

There was also a story about a citizen whose father had been robbed near the temple, but when the robbers will slash his neck with a knife, the victim immediately remembered and looked towards the temple, somehow the victim was immune from being stabbed, conversely the robbers were defeated.


The history of the establishment of Paluang Temple

The story goes down from ancestor to generation, there used to be a resident of Karang Dawa village who wanted to open up agricultural land. When he was about to move a large piece of rock to another place, it turned out that the next day the rock returned to its original position. And soon after several times were moved to another place.

With the passage of time, there was a magical whisper to make a car worship place. The Jeep car was driven by Ida Bathara namely Ratu Gede Ngurah and his wife Hyang Mami. Meanwhile, the WV Beetle car was driven by their children.

It feels from all the uniqueness of Paluang Temple, starting from a journey that challenges adrenaline, the location near steep cliffs, and the mystical stories that accompany it, can’t wait to enjoy all of the above.

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