Passiliran Toraja Baby Grave, the Unique Business

From Unique Tradition to Open Public Business - This tradition has become the well-known and famous cultural site in Indonesia. This spot locates in Passiliran, South Sulawesi. The tradition attached the baby grave in the plant trees. This unique tradition is one of the wealth traditions in Indonesia then this could be reference and representative for wealth tradition in Indonesia. But later, this site are given for business cultivations.


What Does Exactly Means Of Passiliran Toraja Baby Graves?

This tradition means the burial of the baby in the trees by planting the dead body of the baby. The distinguish phenomenon from other burials is the special place that is only given for the baby. The order to plant the baby in trees gives philosophical and magical truth for Sulawesi ancestor, especially the Passiliran.

As the ritual tradition brings philosophical truth, this tradition is not given for every baby, but the baby should still fulfill the requirements to put in Passiliran Toraja Baby Grave. Here are facts for having baby burial in Passiliran Toraja, the cultural site in Indonesia.


1. No more than 6 month old babies

Passiliran Toraja becomes available and is given to the dead baby in the age under 6 months. This under six month baby has right to put on in Passiliran Toraja and pass the other ritual steps during the burial Passiliran. By having the age requirement, above 6 month baby is not allowed to have this area and should have other ceremonial burial.


2. Toothless Baby

The ritual is not given to every baby in Sulawesi. The babies who have no teeth in their bodies, they might have right to follow this special ceremony. This ritual considers the younger the babies, the lesser sin from the babies. Consequently, the baby has been elevated by the society. The value of this tradition is absolutely the priceless quality. Meanwhile, the site could be represented the high value by sharing the site to the global as for business.


3. Tarra Trees, The Baby lives there

The giant trees are chosen as the media for planting the dead body of the baby. Here is Tarra, the special tree for planting the baby inside the giant trees. The society also chose this tree through the wisdom creation. The giant tree owing any latex is chosen because it is able to store and glue to the dead baby. Yet, the posture of the giant tree stands up straight and has steeple height. These compositions help society choosing the trees as the sacred grave.


4. Alluk Tolodo, The Holder traditions.

The tradition to plant the baby in the tree held tightly by the Alluk Tolodo. This tradition is characterized by this ethnic and is believed for ritual truth to the God.


5. No More Fabric

The unique and special usage for this burial is not using fabric to cover and protect the baby. The baby is just saved in the tree as the baby breeding into the God. The baby is not covered by anything means philosophical idea that the baby is coming to the heaven in a pure conditions. The way of planting the baby could impact the high and valuable truth for social wisdom.


6. Social Strata Regulations

The higher social you have, the higher position you are planted in the tree. All displayed as the grave in the tree shows there is still social level as pride for the ancestor. This tradition still becomes the gap in the society.


7. Facing the Babies Home

Grieve is represented through the grave facing the home of families. The positions of the grave in the tree is faced the home. This is symbol of grieve in social.


8. Bring The Spiritual And Education Into The Worldwide

As this place is required the truth and magical reason trusted by the ancestor, the baby grave is one of the media in sharing and learning knowledge. This Sulawesi site become the ideal business should be developed by the local especially and international apparently. The site is obviously a model as the pride of Sulawesi and also Indonesia.


9. Family Destination in Special Moment

Passiliran Toraja gives chances for family intimacy to create happiness and memory in spending the time together. This site is full of warmth then it is best recommended site to visit in the holiday. Not to worry about the joy of this place because the children and parents are taking the beneficiary wisdom for granted. Thus, this ideal businessis such on your must-visit destination, at least once in a lifetime.


10. Increase The Income For The Goverment

The visitation from the tourists, whether local or international increase the growth of tourism attraction income. Passiliran Toraja, as the distinguished site pumps regional income then it makes the welfare of society is increased too. Management of this wonderful place affects to the visitation number in the memorable and special local wisdom. Have a good visitation, everyone.


11. Increase the Love To The Country

Still part and could be apart from Indonesia, this Sulawesi spot is representative the diversity culture and tradition existed in Indonesia. The more people know about the diversity and all the beautiful creature local wisdom, the more society are taking granted to live in this beautiful country. Thus, coming to this place is a must you all.


12. To Be More Understanding For Local Wisdom

Passiliran Toraja reminds society to be more understand the local wisdom. The philosophical idea or trust in every single component, it recalls the enrichment of local in your own. This business then increases the better understanding from the local for better understanding in the world.


13. The Cultural Value in Indonesia

Passiliran Toraja symbolizes the cultural value of Indonesia that is full of spiritual and high principal society. This learning taken from Passiliran Toraja also impacts Indonesia in front of the eye of global competitor.  This local business brings the larger impact for Indonesia. Then, let us share this ideal culture.

Passiliran Toraja as part of Indonesia has concrete ways in preserving culture. The cultural site opens the business and gives the local wisdom spaciously.

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Passiliran Toraja Baby Grave, the Unique Business

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