Religious Tourism in Bali? Why Don’t Try Ulun Mumbul Temple?

Ulun Mumbul Temple Springs for Life.  Traveling to the island of Bali is a very pleasant tourist experience. Almost every corner there is a statue or as a form of worship and appreciation for Sang Hyang Widi.

You can easily find various types of statues in front of people's homes, in front of the government office, at the entrance gate of the residential area, especially if you are in a tourist spot. What we will discuss now is Ulun Mumbul temple which has an attraction because it is surrounded by beautiful gardens complete with fountains as a place for self-purification.

Mumbul Park is divided into two major parts. The first part of the south where stands upright Pura Ulun Mumbul which looks so green because almost all the outer surfaces are overgrown with moss and greenery. The green shades presented here only make the temple look so beautiful and natural. The freshness of the air is felt with cleanliness presented thanks to the full green trees that supply the availability of oxygen for living things around.

While the northern part is a sight dominated by a large pond with the establishment of a smaller temple of Pura Taman Mumbul in the middle of the lake. In addition to the existence of these two temples, even in this Mumbul Park, there are several sources of springs that can be used for various community needs.

There are 11 sources of springs that are usually used as a place of self-purification. Balinese Hindus used to purify themselves on the eve of their religious holidays such as Nyepi day. Like the Melasti ceremony where every congregation performs self-purification in a water source such as the sea or lake.


The benefits of spring water from Mumbul Park

Aside from being a place to purify themselves in the Melasti ceremony, the source of water contained herein is also useful as a source of daily drinking water for residents, as a source for irrigating rice fields and for various purposes of daily residents.


The origin of the Mumbul spring water source

In ancient times, there was a grandmother who sold water around the village. But one day, the grandmother could not sell the water until it ran out. Then a small amount of water is consumed by herself and some are poured towards the surrounding plants. Inadvertently some water is spilled on fertile soil. From that time on, there was a spring for the lives of the villagers.

So that is why on the edge of Lake Mumbul there is a statue of an old grandmother, as a form of respect for her services for the existence of this Mumbul spring.


Location of Ulun Mumbul temple

Mumbul Park is located in a tourist area of Sangeh Village, Abiansemal, Badung Regency. This park is located approximately 1 km from Sangeh natural attractions. From the city of Denpasar, this tourist location can be reached in approximately an hour.

If you travel from the city of Denpasar, the distance you travel is around 20 km with a travel time of about 1-hour drive and if you travel from Ngurah Rai Airport, the distance you travel is around 35 km with a travel time of about one and a half hour.

The most interesting thing here is that even though Ulun Mumbul temple has been named a tourist destination, you don't need to worry because there will be no levees at all even if parking for vehicles is not subject to parking fees.

This is because this ancient temple is genuinely intended for religious purposes only. We need to go there sometime for sure.

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