Ajisaka, Carrier of Javanese Civilization

Every land in the world may have its different history and also the legendary folk related to it including Indonesia. Every island in this country has its urban legend believed by all people no matter it is true or just a legend. One of the popular legends is Ajisaka. It is the Javanese legend about the arrival of civilization into the land of Java carried by a King named Ajisaka. This legend also covers the origins or Javanese letters called “Aksara Jawa” used centuries ago as the main letters before alphabets.




It was believed that Ajisaka came from Bumi Majeti which was the land according to the mythology. However, some experts said that Ajisaka came from Jambudwipa in India from Shaka or Scythia tribe because that was where the name Ajisaka came from as the King of Shaka. This legend represented as the arrival of Dharma which was the Hinduist-Buddhist teachings and civilization to the land of Java. However, there are also another prove found that the word “Saka” was from the Javanese term “Soko” which meant core or important or origin.

That was why, his name of Ajisaka was meant as the King of origin or the first King. This myth tells the story about the arrival of a hero that brought rules to conduct in the land of Java by defeating the bad giant king who conquered this island. This myth also tells that Ajisaka was the creator of Saka year or “Tahun Saka”. He was known as the first king to apply the Hinduism calendar system in the land of Java. Medang Kamulan kingdom probably the origin kingdom which was related to the Medang kingdom based on the history.

Soon after Java was brought back to its place, this land could finally be lived by people. However, the first nation who lived in this land was the nation of “Denawa” or known as the bad giant nation who loved preying on humans. Meanwhile, the first kingdom here was known as Medang Kamula led by the giant king named Prabu Dewata Cengkar. He was known as the bad king that loved easting human flesh from his people. One day, there was a wise man named Ajisaka came who fought the Prabu Dewata Cengkar directly.



One day before his departure, he gave and advice for his 2 loyal servants named Sembodo and Dora that he would go to Java. He left the message that both of them must wait the weapon of Ajisaka. No one could touch and take the weapon except Ajisaka himself. After arriving in Java, Ajisaka went to the inland where the capital city of Medang Kamulan has been existed. He challenged Dewata Cengkar to fight one by one. After the close fight, Ajisaka could finally pushed Dewata Cengar to the Southern Ocean or known as Samudera Hindia.

However, Dewata Cengkar was not dead yet but he turned himself into the white crocodile. Soon after that, Ajisaka became the Medang Kamulan’s King. While commanding and leading in Medang Kamulan, Ajisaka sent off the servant to go to his home in Bumi majeti to spread the news for Sembodo and Dora for carrying the weapon to Java. The servant met Dora to address the message. However, Sembodo refused to give the weapon because they remembered that no one except Ajisaka could take the weapon.

Sembodo and Dora were suspicious to each other wanted to steal the weapon and they fought to death. Ajisaka went back to home because the weapon had not arrived yet. He was shocked to know 2 corpses of his lotal servants due to misunderstood. For remembering their loyalty, Ajisaka wrote the poem in “Hanacaraka” which was the arrangement or Javanese letter. Here is the famous legend of Ajisaka who brought and contributed so much to the Javanese civilization during his life as a king.

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