Angling Dharma, The King Who Understood The Language of Animals

One day, Prabu Angling Dharma who was the King of Malawapati hunted in the forest. He saw his teacher’s wife, Nagagini cheated with other snake. Angling Dharma pulled his arrow to kill the male snake. However, Nagagini was hurt too. Though the animal was killed, Nagagini was angry and she wanted to tell her husband Naga Bergola. Then, Nagagini went home while arranging the fake report to her husband. After hearing what Nagagini said, Naga Bergola went to Malawapati.


How Could Angling Dharma Understand Animal’s Langauge?

At the castle, he heard Angling Dharma talked about the cheating of Nagagini with his wife, Setyawati. The dragon realized that his wife was wrong. Naga Bergola appeared and he apologized to Angling Dharma and he wanted to “moksa”. He chose to die instead of being cheated by his wife. He would do his oath. Before dying, Naga Bergola passed his power to Angling Dharma called Aji Gineng. That power could make Angling Dharma understood animal language and he left the message that Angling Dharma should keep this heritage secretly.

After getting the new power, Angling Dharma understood every language of the living things and he even laughed to watch and hear lizards’ chats. However, this thing made Setyawati angry because Angling Dharma refused to tell the truth after making promise to Naga Bergola about this power. This made Setyawati even angrier. Setywati chose to do Pati Obong or committed suicide into the fire to regain her pride. Angling Dharma said that he would be better to die instead of telling the truth about the secret.

However, when the ceremony of self-burning was held, Angling Dharma heard a couple of goat and Angling Dharma realized that actually he made the wrong decision to die with his wife since it could bring misery to the society. When Setyawati fell down, Angling Dharma didn’t do it. Before this story was made its debut to TV show, Angling Dharma was already known from Majapahit era. In the Hindu-Buddhism era, the story of Angling Dharma could be found in the land of Java.

From the written story, the story of Angling Dharma was transformed into the visual form and you can find the relief on the Jago temple. This story was known so well in the form of book such as Serat Angling Dharma. On the relief version, it can’t be found the correlation between its story with other narration. Actually, Angling Dharma was the 7th heir of Arjuna. Based on the story, Arjuna had the son name Abimanyu and Abimanyu had the son name Parikesit. Parikesit had the son name Yudayana.

Yudayana had the son name Gendrayana. Gendrayana had the son name Jayabaya. Jayabaya had the daughter name Pramesti and Angling Dharma was the son of Pramesti. One day, Pramesti had the dream to meet Batara Wisnu and he said that there would be a son coming out from her and when she got up, she was pregnant already. Astradarma was angry and thought that Pramesti was cheated. Then, Pramesti was sent off to Mamenang. Jayabaya was angry to see his daughter’s condition and he cursed on Yawastina country to be sunk by the mud flood.

The curse became the reality and Astradarma died along with the castle of Yawastina. After the death of her husband, Pramesti gave birth to a son name Angling Dharma. Meanwhile, the crown of Mamenang was passed to Jaya Amijaya who was the Pramesti’s brother. It was the story of Angling Dharma who could understand so well about language of any animal in the world.

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