Because of Pomegranates, Sunan Giri Married 2 Beautiful Girls in One Day

There is nothing impossible in this world but it seems impossible for one man to marry 2 women at the same day. However, that story happened in the past and it happened in Indonesia. It was Sunan Giri who was one of walisongo members which married 2 girls on the same day. The only difference was just the time to marry. As the youngster, Joko Samudra or known as Sunan Giri was superb and he had cleverness along with wisdom though he was still young back then.


Sunan Giri Married 2 Girls on The Same Day Because of Pomegranate

Sunan Ampel whom his teacher would gave Sunan Giri a title as Raden Ainul Yaqin. Beside that, the man who had the little name of Raden Paku was also lucky in romance relation. Based on the story, he married 2 beautiful girls on the same day. It was something other people couldn’t do even in this modern era like now. The story began when Dewi Murtasiyah was interested in the cleverness of Sunan Giri. Dewi Murtasiyah was the first daughter of Sunan Ampel from Sunan Ampel’s second wife named Dewi Karimah binti Kembang Kuning.

Sunan Ampel was known as the elder of walisongo members and he thought that Sunan Giri was suitable to marry his daughter. Sunan Ampel prepared the marriage for them. However, something unexpected happened before the akad, something surprising happened to Sunan Giri. At the same time, he was pointed to marry Dewi Wardah who was the daughter of Ki Ageng Bungkul or known as Sunan Bungkul. Before the wedding, Raden Paku or Joko samudra or Sunan Giri passed in front of Ki Ageng Bungkul’s house.

Suddenly, a pomegranate owned by Ki Ageng Bungkul fell down on his head but this fruit was known as the powerful fruit. This was known as the sacred pomegranate because when the fruit fell down on someone, then he or she would die. However, when the pomegranate fell down on Sunan Giri’s head, nothing happened on him. Sunan Giri even took the fruit. Sunan Bungkul did the “nazar” that whoever survived after being hit by the pomegranate would marry his daughter name Dewi Wardah.

After hearing that, Sunan Giri was so confused because he would marry his teacher’s daughter and he would not betray her at all. In the middle of confusion, Sunan Giri told this story to his teacher or soon to be his father-in law. Strangely, Sunan Ampel said that it was the fate created by God. Sunan Bungkul wanted to cut off the tree because many people died. Because his teacher said so, Sunan Giri was shocked and asked back about the wedding plan of him with Sunan Ampel’s daughter.

Sunan Ampel said that it was okay for you to marry 2 girls twice. It happened not because of him and it was not because of desire. It was the fate from God. Finally, Sunan Giri married twice with the beautiful women on the same day. In the morning, he married to Dewi Murtasiyah and in the afternoon before sunset, he married to Dewi Wardah. Sunan Giri lived happily even though he had two wives.

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