Connecting Family Relationship in The Style of Singobrojonoto

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As a human being, you should help each other and build the good relationship with other people around you though you don’t have any blood relation to them. You have to listen to the lesson of Singobrojonoto to make the family relationship with other people. However, who exactly Singobrojonoto is and why people follow his advice related to life? Singobrojonoto is the figure who mentioned to be the pioneer of Bulumanis Lor village.


Who is Singobrojonoto with His Famous Family Lesson in Bulumanis Village

The presence of Singobrjonoto was so central and crucial for the people who lived in Bulumanis Lor village. Singobrojonoto lived around 1680s to 1710s or it can be said that Singobrojonoto was equal to Mutamakkin, who was the great scholar and guardian in Kajen Margoyoso village. Back then, Mutamakkin was once helped by the villagers of Bulumanis Lor and he stayed for days there. When Mutamakkin stayed in the village, there were some histories told that Singobrojonoto came to visit Mutamakkin and he became Mutamakkin’s apprentice.

Under his lesson, Singobrojonoto learnt about religion, social and also the rules to maintain the village like a family. According to the history, Singobrojonoto had a little brother names Singobarong who was found in the tomb of Dukuhseti village, Tayu, Pati. Based on the story, Singobrojonoto was not the real original figure of Bulumanis Lor. Singo title was usually given to the nobles from Ponorogo or Kediri in East Java based on the power and strength. Based on the title, Singobrojonoto was the new comer in the Bulumanis Lor.

singobrojo tombAccording to the old stories, Singobrojonoto has the meaning. Singo means fierce, strict, principled and visionary. Meanwhile, Brojo or some said Projo means generation or society. Noto means maintain, control and make. If those meanings are put together, Singobrojonoto means a person who is strict and wise when maintaining the society. It is so normal for some people to say that Singobrojonoto is the leader of Bulumanis Lor or it can be said that Brojonoto is the elder of Bulumanis Lor who was so famous with his skill to control the life of people in Bulumanis Lor.

The question is who was his children and wife of Singobrojonoto? Up until now, no one knows about them and there is no history found about them. The people who live in Bulumanis Lor also didn’t know at all about his origin. What people know is Singobrojonoto was the elder that became the origin of Bulumanis Lor. The people who live in Bulumanis Lor village are the complex people with the blend of culture.

There are rich and poor people you can find here but the people still uphold, the value of some norms such as decency, politeness, mutual respect, help each other and other norms in the society. Just like other people in different villages, those who live in Bulumanis Lor still hold the Javanese tradition which was acculturated with the Islam religion. Those can be seen in the family occasions there such as Mitoni, Matang Puluh, Mitung Dino, Nyatus, Nyewu and others. The people also believe that they still hold the togetherness in the society like a family as taught by Singobrojonoto.

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