History of Mantingan Mosque and Sultan Hadlirin

Taj Mahal which is located in India was built by the King Mughal Shah Jahan for his beloved wife. However, in Indonesia, you can also find the similar building but with the different story. There was a wife who built the mosque for her husband and she was Queen Kalinyamat. The queen built Masjid Mantingan to amuse and also entertain herself due to the death of her beloved husband, Sultan Hadlirin or known as Prince Kalinyamat who was killed by Arya Penangsang.


Understand The History of Mantingan Mosque for Sultah Hadlirin

According to the history, the tragic event was started from the fight happened after Raden Trenggono or King of Demak died. Queen Kalinyamat or wife of Sultan Hadlirin was so stressful and sad. To reduce her sadness, the queen asked the help of spiritual teacher as well as the adoptive father of Sultan Hadlirin when he studied in China, Chi Hui Gwan of known as Patih Sungging Badarduwung. Patih became the architect of Mantingan Mosque. This building was built around 1559 and the establishment of this building was recognized based on Candra Sengkala.

Since a Chinese man acted as the architect of thus building and it was built in the Hindu-Buddhism age, it is no wonder at all that the building adopted those three cultures. It is seen from the form of mustaka and also the overlapping roof which is so identical to the Majapahit kingdom’s pattern. The relief is also taken by the former culture. The Chinese influence is seen from the lion dance depicted on the relief which is stylization. This building is around 5 century age has the attached reliefs on the wall.

Now, the mosque has around 124 relief because there are still some relieves which was kept safely in the simple museum beside the building. Perhaps, this is the only building in Indonesia that has relief. The pattern is so varied from the flora just like the creepers and also lotus flower. You can also see the geometric pattern or mostly known in lokal language as cross pattern. You can also the pattern of animals but it as too vulgar. Based on the Islam lesson, the human or other living things are not allowed to be made as the decorative accessories.

The pattern like that was named as Distilir. In the complex of this building, you can find the tomb of Queen Kalinyamat, tomb of Sultan Hadlirin and also Raden Badul Jalil or known as Syekh Siti Jenar along with some tombs of queen Kalinyamat’s relatives. You can also find the little museum filled with the white marble decorative pattern similar like those which are attached on the wall. When you visit this building, you will see some jugs filled with water in front of the building and many people said it as Air Mantingan or Sacred Water.

Based on the history, that water is so chill to test out the honesty of people and the water can decide which one is right or wrong. Jepara people will use the water when they got in the hard situation just like facing the problem. The tombs around Mantingan Mosque were all crowded by the people and in Bali, there were many things to remember and do. No wonder that this building was the best in town and also Indonesia because it has different story in the form of Chinese influence.

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