Is it True That Raden Patah, The King of Demak of Chinese Descent

Demak Sultanate had the important role in the history of Indonesia though they have not been existed for 100 years. Demak was known as the first kingdom pioneer in the spread of Islam in the land of Java including Nusantara or Indonesia. However, something is unique among the leaders especially Raden Patah. It is because he had the Chinese heritage within his blood from his mother and you can learn as well as know the history of his “peranakan” background.


Raden Patah had Chinese Blood from His Mother

Demak Sultanate succeeded in defeating Majapahit kingdom and began the long history of Islam in Indonesia. It was Raden Patah who was the important figure behind the success of Demak to get the power over the land of Java at that time. Then, Raden Patah became the first king of Demak Sultanate and he was said in some histories as the son of Prabu Brawijaya who was the king of Majapahit. Based on the story, Raden Patah was abandoned to Palembang. He spend his childhood ith his mother named Siu Ban Ci.

Since he had the Chinese heritage within his blood, many people back then called him as Jin Bun. Jin Bun had the meaning which is the strong person while Fatah or Patah in the Arabian language means victory. The name of Jin Bun was not only pointed to the family name becaue his father was from East Java. Raden Patah’s mother was the concubine of Raja Majapahit and one day, he was sent off by the Queen fro Campa. The Queen felt jealousy and asked to her king for throwing him away from the kingdom.

When he moved to Palembang, Raden Patah’s, his mother was married to Aryo damar who was the ruler of Palembang. Together with Arto Damar, Siu Ban Ci has the first child named Raden Kusen. Raden Kusen then accompanied Raden Patah to keep developing until it made Majapahit worried. At that time, he asked his father for become Bupati or leader of Palembang but he refused. He opened Glagahwangi forest to build the Islamic School. Not only that, Raden Patah also learned Islam from Sunan Ampel in Surabaya though he had Chinese blood.

As the time went by, Raden Patah experienced himself to develop more including when he became the leader of Demak Kingdom. Then, he led Demak to fight Majapahit. The reign of Demak Sultanate was the first basic Islamic kingdom in the land of Nusantara or Indonesia. One of his proofs which until now is still standing perfectly is Masjid Demak. This mosque became the place for Raden Patah in the end of his life when he was dead in the age of 63 years old. The graveyard is still crowded until now becuase many people visit it everyday.

The acculturation of culture was actually experienced by Indonesia since the kingdoms age and everything was done smoothly and perfectly until it becomes the history. Regarding of the true blood of Raden Patah as the Chinese heritage and descendant, Raden Patah could make Demak Sultanate as the advance kingdom and you should not forget or leave the cultural heritage because no matter what your identity is or where you from, all things can be done properly.

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