Joko Tingkir, a Historical Figure Whose Story is Filled With Fiction

The interesting statement is said from one of the politicians in Indonesia. The statement is the response from other statements of politicians. What makes it interesting he said about Joko Tingkir in the middle of his tomb. The figure or Joko Tingkir contains the revenge or avenge story, jealousy story and other things. There are not many people know who this man was. There are some speculations related to know and reveal the true of Joko Tingkir.


Joko Tingkir and Also The Stories Full of Revenge and Fiction

There are many people want to know who Joko Tingkir was and how important his figure was in Indonesia. Many of them want to know the things you hide. Is it true that the life of Joko Tingkir was filled with the revenge things? Is it true that Joko Tingkir have ever fought with something just like crocodile using the hands only without weapon at all. Some of them want to know the real name of this famous person and Joko Tingkir was known as Sultan Hadiwijaya who was the pioneer of Pajang Kingdom.

Based on the stories of Babad Tanah Jawi or Javanese texts related to the kings who led before, after Sultan Trenggana was dead, he was killed by Prawoto who was the son of Trenggana from Demak Kingdom whose the kingdom was already built in the year of 1500 with the first king of Raden Patah. The murder resulted the civil war and Prawoto was killed by Aryo Penangsang who was the son of Sedo Lepen. It made Joko Tingkir as the brother of Sedo Lepen fought using the helps of the Ki Ageng Pemanahan and also Ki Penjawi.

Joko Tingkir succeeded to defeat Aryo Penangsang and got the crown of Demak Sultanate. After winning the civil war and conquering Demak Kingdom, Joko Tingkir moved the capital city from Demak to Pajang and the Demak Sultanate had ended and the history of Pajang Kingdom began. Joko Tingkir held the important role in the establishment of Mataram Islam Sultanate by giving Ki Ageng pemanahan and his son, Sutawijaya the land in Kotagede who later became the capital city of Mataram Islam Sultanate.

Now, Kotagede became the region of Jogjakarta. By knowing the journey of Joko Tingkir in his life, you will find any relation with the revenge and his story will be always becoming interesting to be lifted in the role plays. It is no wonder that at the end, there will be a politician who makes the Joko Tingkir as the example of the revenge story in the past. When you talk about Joko Tingkir, it is not complete at all if you don’t include the myths that cover his stories. According to the story, Joko Tingkir was known as the most powerful man.

One of them is when Joko Tingkir fought the crocodile. This is the popular story about this big figure and Joko Tingkir was known to have won the fight against crocodile. The defeated crocodile became the guide that would keep him. The story began when Joko Tingkir got the permission from his teacher to go back to Demak. He rode the little boat along with his three friends. In the middle of the journey, an army of crocodile stopped him but again, Joko Tingkir could win the war using his power.

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