Mastering The Spell of Pancasona, Djojodigdo is Said to Have Died Three Times A Day

All people in the world know that all tombs will stick to the ground since the dead bodies will be buried under it. However, you can see something odd in Blitar, East Java where you can witness with your own eyes the hanging tomb of Eyang Djojodigdo. It was said that Djojodigdo was the man who mastered the spell of Pancasona. This power was commonly use by the ancient people to make themselves strong as the defense at war so they could not die easily.


How Powerful The Spell of Pancasona is?

By learning Pancasona spell, a man will be strong and he could live eternal till the end of the world. Someone who has this power of Pancasona will be dead if his body was separated across the river and hung so it will not touch the ground. If the dead body touches the ground, then the separated bodies can be re-united again and the person who has that power will be back to alive again. According to the caretaker of the tomb named Lasiman, Eyang Djojodigdo have ever been death three times a day.

However, when he was going to be buried, he was back to alive again once his body touched the ground. If you want to see the hanging tomb, then you can go to Melati street number 43, Blitar, East Java. Among so many tombs there, you might see one flying tomb and that is Eyang Djojodigdo’s tomb. Lasiman adds that he could because of that Pancasona power took it. His teacher was Kyai Imam Sujono or known as Eyang Jugo. He dies in the age of 84 years old because he was old and sick.

djoyodigdo tombThen, his relatives were so pity of him so Imam Sujono was asked to take his power of Pancasona back. People who don’t know the story about it think that Eyang Djojodigdo was buried like that to prevent him back to alive again. However, Lasiman said that the tomb’s position was just like the others. What makes it different is the tomb was hung on the board formed in 4 umbrellas just like a crown. He was said that the power of Pancasona was kept safely here along with the heirloom and the clothes.

Lasiman said that back then, his great-grandfather was so curious about it and then, he opened it but he said, there was nothing inside it. There were nothing inside the tomb. However, Lasiman said that actually all of his belongings were the supernatural things and those were invisible and people could not see it. Those who have special power can see the physical forms of his stuff. Meanwhile, the 4 umbrellas that look like the crown are the symbol of Eyang Djojodigdo’s shelter for the entire Blitar people.

The shelter spread from the wind direction. Though it looks creepy at some points, actually this tomb is visited by many people who want to pray and some of them might have another purpose to ask for the better life and many more. No one knows the exact story of Pancasona spell but there are many people who learn this thing to make them eternal and never die.

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