Pathak Warak, A Student Who Kidnapped His Teacher's Daughter

ilustrasi pathak warak ilustrasi pathak warak

Islam has been spreading to the entire land of Java though the spread was not so smooth back then. Some of them accepted but the rest of them refused. Walisongo spread Islam to the villages including Sunan Muria. However, one unexpected event happened when Sunan Muria spread Islam near northern beach. Pathak Warak who was the student kidnapped the daughter of his teacher out of love and wanted to marry her since she was so beautiful.


Why Pathak Warak Kidnapped Roroyono, His Teacher’s Daughter as The Student of Sunan Ngerang

One day, Ki Ageng Ngerang held the feast as his gratitude for the good things given by God to the people in the world especially those who live in the slope of Mount Muria. The feast was started so smooth and the guests from far away also came. Ki Ageng Ngerang was the elder and everyone respected him due to his cleverness and kindness. No wonder there were so many people came to the feast including the student such as Sunan Muria, Sunan Kudus, Sunan Ngerang and also Adipati Parthak Warak from Mandalika Jepara Island.

When the daughter of Ki Ageng Ngerang, Roroyono along with her little sister Roro Pujiwati was out to bring the food and drink, there were so many guests who stunned and complimented both of them. No one expected that Ki Ageng Ngerang had two beautiful daughters. Adipati Pathak Warak didn’t blink at all and stared at them. His heart beated fast and he was so stunned to see the beauty of Roroyono. It felt like something so bright coming out from them and Roroyono became the main star of the feast as the most beautiful girl.

Adipati Pathak Warak couldn’t resist the desire to see the ordinary girl and he touched her butt while proposed to her to become his wife. Of course, Roroyono felt so insulted and she was ashamed by Pathak Warak’s bad behavior. However, the guests there laughed at Pathak Warak and he was actually the student of Sunan Ngerang. Pathak Warak was also known as the powerful man. The night was getting late and the guests went home from Ki Ageng Ngerang. Meanwhile, the guests including Pathak Warak were still in the house of Ki Ageng.

He had the bad idea to kidnap Roroyono. He casted the spell to make the sky cloudy and making all members inside the house sleepy so he could kidnap Roroyono. He entered the room of Roroyono and he kidnapped her to the woods and went away to Keling in Mandalika Island. On the next morning, all people wanted to look for Roroyono and the people gathered together to discuss about the disappeared Roroyono and among all people, only Pathak Warak who didn’t help to search for Roroyono.

The conclusion was Pathak Warak kidnapped her daughter to revenge of his heart after being embarrassed by Roroyono. Ki Ageng Ngerang called Sunan Muria to ask for his advice because actually, Roroyono was arranged marriage to Sunan Muria as his beloved student. While saving Roroyono, Kapa and Gentiri helped and during the fight to save her, Pathak Warak died and Roroyono was saved back to the Ngerang.

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