Prabu Jayabaya, The Astrologer of The Future

Maharaja Jayabaya was known as the King of Kediri who led from 1135-1157. His complete title name was Sri Maharaja Sang Mapanji Jayabhaya Sri Warmeswara Madhusudana Awataranindita Suhtrisingha Parakrama Uttunggadewa. However, beside being famous as a king, Jayabaya was known as the great astrologer because all of his prophecies happened actually in the future. However, who was Jayabaya actually and why he could predict the future in properly.


Who Was Prabu Jayabaya and Why He was Famous as Astrologer?

The reign of Jayabaya was known to be the peak of Kediri at its glory. Prasasti Jepun, Talan, Hantang and Kakawin Bharatayuddha were his entire historical heritage. On the Prasasti Hantang or known as Ngantang, there was the symbol of Panjalu Jayati which meant Kediri won. This prasasti was released as the certificate of grace’s endorsement for Ngantang villagers who were loyal to Kediri during the war against Jenggala. From that Prasasti you know that Jayabaya was the king who defeated Jenggala and united it back with Kediri.

This victory was symbolized as the Pandawa winning over Korawa in Kakawin Bharatayuddha which changed empu Panuluh and Sedah. The big name of Jayabaya was recorded in every Javanese person’s mind so his name appeared in the Javanese literature in the age of Mataram Islam of after Prabu Jayabaya. The example of the text that tells about Jayabaya is Babad Tanah Jawi and Serat Aji Pamasa. It was told that Jayabaya was actually the descendant of Wisnu and his nation was Widarba with Mamenang as the capital city.

Jayabaya gave his crown in the old age and he did the “Moksa” in Menang village, Kecamatan Pagu, Kediri. Prabu Jayabaya was known as the figure with famous prophecy of the future in nation just like the astrologer. There are some texts which contain the “Ramalan Joyoboyo” or Joyoboyo’s prophecy such as Serat Pranitiwakya, Serat Jayabaya Musarar and others. In the Serat Jayabaya Musarar, it was told that Jayabaya learned from the the mane named Maolana Ngali Samsujen. From his learning, Jayabaya got the vision about Java Island from the age of Aji Saka to the end of the world.

Jangka Jayabaya or “prophecy of Jayabaya” is the traditional Javanese prophecy where one of them was believed to be written by Jayabaya as the king of Kediri. The prophecy was known so well in the middle of Javanese society and it has been passed on by the poets. One of the origins can be seen in the book of Musasar written by Sunan Giri Prapen. There were many doubts about the original version but clearly, the first verse of this book was about Jayabaya who wrote the prophecies.

The book of Musasar was made when Jayabaya could defeat all his enemies with no fear at all. One of his famous prophecies as the astrologer is the end of the world for Java Island will come in 2100. According to it, the land of Java will be lived by humans for the second time after “kiamat kubro” in 2100 in the year of sun. However, many experts don’t want to conclude anything at all about it just like his prophecies before. No one can say that it will happen exactly like Jayabaya said since all things will be on the God’s hand.

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