Prabu Pucuk Umun, Baduy Tribal Ancestor

After being defeated by Sultan Maulana Hasanudin in the chicken fight, Prabu Pucuk Umun along with his followers moved to the inland of Banten and his position was replaced by his nephew, Sultan Hasanudin. Related to the defeat of Prabu Pucuk Umun, there was a popular myth told from generation to generation. It was about the sacred place in Southern Banten and he was the ancestor of that place named Baduy tribe because Pucuk Umun was the vice of King Sunda.


How Pucuk Umun Became the Ancestor of Baduy Tribe

In the story before Pucuk Umun became the ancestor of Baduy tribe, Maulana Hasanudin was the first son of Sunan Gunung Jati who came to Banten to spread Islam or Muslim in the western kingdom of Sunda. In his duty, Hasanudin was accompanied by Agus Jo and Mas Lei. He got the obstacle from Prabu Pucuk Umun who wanted Hindu as the main religion there. That is why, they both had to fight. Prabu Pucuk Umun wanted to to accept Islam when Hasanudin could defeat him. Chicken fight was the choice to avoid victims from the real war.

Pucuk Umun’s chicken was created from iron steel named Jalak Rarawe while Hasanudin’s chicken was the incarnation of genie. The white chicken came from his scarf and its name was Jalak Putih. Both chickens represented their characteristics. Jalak Rarawe was the fierce chicken and it showed that Prabu Pucuk Umun had the revenge or bad characteristic. Meanwhile, Jalak Putih looked so calm and patient that represented the kindness Hasanudin had. In the fight, Jalak Rarawe was defeated by Jalak Putih.

After the defeat, Jalak Putih came back to its original form. Prabu Pucuk Umun had to accept Islam but he refused it and he turned into a bird. The bird flew to leave Hasanudin so he couldn’t catch it. While flying in the sky, Pucuk Umun saw the wide sand and he flew down to earth and became Pucuk Umun again. He found his people who refused to accept Islam as religion and built the new village in the Southern banten, Lebak. Based on the story, some Lebak people named the place as Cibeo.

The place with sand where the bird landed and turned into Pucuk Umun was known as Cikeusik and the village which was built by Pucuk Umun was named as Cikartawan. It was when he became the leader of that village and the people there were known as Baduy tribe. Until now, you can still meet the Baduy tribe and the people inside. Basically, the myth about defeat of Pucuk Umun with Maulana Hasanudin was not found in most folk stories. Some histories of banten also said that both of them never fought at all.

However, Pucuk Umun had predicted that he will be replaced by Maulana Hasanuddin as the leader of Pakuan Pajajaran. That is why, he has prepared so well and moved to another place far away from the region of Hasanudin since he couldn’t accept Islam as the religion. That is why, he lived in that village until became the ancestor of Baduy tribe. The tribe now even still knows and respects about Pucuk Umun.

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