Purwakalih Site, A Historical Heritage

Whether Prabu Siliwangi is just the story or real, many people still believe he was once existed in the world especially Indonesia. That is why, many people want to find out and look for the historical heritage and one of them is Purwakalian site in the area of Batutulis Bogor which was known as one of the historical area with so many sites and also inscriptions left by Padjajaran along with the inscription. At least, you may find 3 different inscriptions there.


The Relationship Between Purwakalih Heritage Site with Pajajaran Kingdom in The Past

You need to memorize them all and one of them was the Arca Purwakalih along with other 3 inscriptions placed on the side road and in the last turn or Batutulis. You may find a site which looks like menhir stone and also statue. Inside it, perhaps your site will be on the T-junction with the situation that can attract people easily to know. In the site, there are so many stories such as Batutulis because the column as because it was believed that Batutulis was the historical heritage of Prabu Siliwangi and als King of Padjajaran.

Basically, the cultural heritage service has put up the signboard at this site but there is a mistake there because the name of the site is not Purwakalih Site but Arca Puragalih Site. When it was asked to the keeper, he has shaken his head only because he couldn’t do anything to fix it. Purwakalih site was found accidentally in 1991 during the lead of Suratman Mayor. When he dig, the workers found the site made of stones about 100m to the south of Slate Inscription Site and about 200m to the north at sacred tomb of Mbah Dalem Batu Tulis.

When this site was found, there were 3 statues in the height of 43cm, 45cm and 50cm. There were also 2 menhirs in the height of 40cm. Statue number 1 was not proportional, statue number 2 was incomplete because the leg was broken and the tow hands were crossed on the chest without head due to sharp weapon. The statue number 3 was complete with the veiled head and the hands were united on the chest. There was no something related to God or Goddess on the statue just like the Polynesian one.

It means, those statues were not Hinduism or Buddhist and this site belonged to the Pajajaran site. Purwakalih Site is the pre-historic site which is proved by menhir and also Megalithic statue on the location in the year 1911. There were 3 statues according to the source such as Kidang Pananjung, Gelap Nyawang and Purwa Galih. Those three names were found in the book of Babad Pajajaran written in Sumedang in the year of 1816 during the government of Bupatu Pangeran Kornel and then adapted into another book in the year of 1862.

The adapter of this text found out about some characteristics of kingdom in the past just like the people of Parung Angsana in 1687 found the relationship between Pajajaran kingdom and Kabuyutan Batutulis. According to the keeper of this heritage, inside the Purwakalih site, there was a building of Menhir and also Polynesian statue came from the Breton language or North Francis. The name was seen by the function of the stones based on the history. Menhir was the standing stone placed in the certain area to worship of ancestral spirits.

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