Semar, Advisor to The Ruling Kings in The Land of Java

The name of Sabda Palon was often mentioned in the Serat Darmagandhul and Jangka Jayabaya or known as the prophecy of Jayabaya. In Serat Darmagandhul, Sabda Palon was known as the spiritual advisor with high power from King Brawijaya V who was the last king of Majapahit Kingdom. As the story said, the king was so powerful and he could order and conquer all entities in the land of Java. In the literature book of Java by Ki Kalamwidi, Sabda Palon was the same figure as the puppet stories named Semar or Manik Maya who had been existed since thousand years ago.


The History of Semar or Sabda Palon and His Supernatural Power

Sabda Palon or Semar was not only known as the advisor but he was known as the magical creature who protected and guarded the kings of Java since 525 yeas B.C. This Manik Jaya was believed to make the hot water crater on the top of volcanic mountains in the land of Java. For Javanese people who hold onto the “kawruh” of Java may understand about what and how related to Semar. Shortly, Semar was the occult messenger of God to do the task so humans would always follow God’s rules and be greatful as well as walk on the road of truth.

Meanwhile in the Javanese spiritualists, Semar’s existence was believed as “voice without face”. Semar was known as “mencolo putro, mencolo putri” which meant to form and to disguise as the ordinary human with different forms in different eras or ages. In the form of human, Semar’s characteristic was still used as the “Begawan or Pandhita”. This was can be understood because there was the famous concept of “menitis” in kawruh of Java. However, the good relationship of Semar with King Brawijaya V had to be ended once the king chose to be Muslim.

Because of that, Sabda Palon left the king who was guarded all the time. However, Sabda Palon swore to return again in 500 years after leaving the king to be the guard of Land of Java. Beside that, in the last verses of the prophecy book in Jayabaya in 1135 to 1157, Sabda Palon was mentioned in 164 and 173 of the verse which described as the figure of Putra Betara Indra who ruled the whole lesson, he cut the Java land twice and used the genies and all entities under his command to unite in helping humans to have their own guidelines under the Weda Trisula.

In some literatures, Sabda Palon was actually the Dang Hyang Nirartha ot known as Pedanda Sakti Wawu Rawuh or Mpu Dwijendra who finally did “moksa” in Uluwatu Temple, Bali. Dang Hyang Nirartha was the son of Dang Hyang Asmaranatha and also the grandchild of Mpu Tantular or Dang Hyang Angsokanatha who was the creator of Sutasoma book where Bhinneka Tunggal Ika written inside it. Dang Hyang Nirartha was the Buddhism priest who turned into Syiwa priest. He was also named as Mpu Dwijendra who became the writer.

With his sixth sense and also the supernatural power, Sabda Palon could see the seeds of collapse that might happen to Majapahit Kingdom. Before moving on to Bali, he moved to Kediri and then Pasuruan and Banyuwangi. When he was once stepped on to Bali from Banyuwangi, Bali Dwipa Kingdom was led by Dalem Waturenggong. The king was admired to the supernatural power owned by him and he became the advisor of kingdom again in Bali.

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