Sunan Kalijaga, A Saint Who was Once A Robber

The big name of Sunan Kalijaga was known as one of the Walisongo members that spread Islam throughout the land of Java. However, not many people know that actually Sunan Kalijaga was once a robber. Before being a saint that spread Islam and teach kindness to other people, Sunan Kalijaga was popular in Easy Java as the robber and his nickname back then was Brandal Lokajaya. His real name was Raden Said and he was the son of Putera Adipati Tuban, Tumenggung Wilatikta.


Sunan Kalijaga was The Only Saint of Walisongo who Stole for Justice

Tumenggung was known as Raden Sahur and he was the descendant of Ranggawale. Adipati Tuban was actually Hindu but Raden Sahur was already Islam. Since he was a kid, Raden Said was already introduced to Islam by his religion teacher of Kadipaten Tuban. However, after seeing the surroundings which was so contradictive with life of ordinary people, Raden Said’s soul screamed. He exploded when he saw the officials of Kadipaten Tuban collected tax from ordinary or poor society.

Before being a saint, Raden Said was the noble. At that time, the people were so miserable because of the long dry season and they had to pay the high tax which was sometimes not based on the rules beyond what they could afford. Sometimes, the stock for the next harvest was already gone because of the tax collector. He loved his freedom apart from his status as the noble. He didn’t like being tied to the noble customs. He loved hanging out with ordinary people or those from all layers of society from the bottom to the top status.

Because of his fun characteristics, he knew the entire life of Tuban people. He wanted to reduce the misery of people and he talked to his father about it. However, his father couldn’t do too much. He understood well his father’s position as the subordinate. However, his willingness to help people was still there. He spent most of his nights by reading Al-Quran but after knowing the truth in the society, he moved out. When the storage keeper of Kadipaten slept, Raden Said took some of the produces and he gave it to Majapahit.

The produces were given to the people who really needed it. It was done silently. Of course, the people would not know anything and they were surprised to get something good unexpected. However, the keeper of Kadipaten storage was also surprised about it and they were scared because day by day, the produces they had to give to Majapahit were reduced. They wanted to know who the robber was and one day, he was peeking and he was shocked that the robber was actually Raden Said.

Raden Said never expected he got caught in front of his father and Adipati Wilatikta was angry to see what he did. However, Raden Said didn’t answer the reason he sent the produces to Majapahit. He didn’t stop stealing though he got punishment and he stole from rich people who were selfish and greedy about wealth. Then, he was known as Brandal Lokajaya. Knowing about the fact, Raden Said was kicked out from Tuban. Then, he met Sunan Bonang and learnt about Islam more from him and became Sunan Kalijaga who was the saint that spread Islam throughout Java.

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