Sunan Kudus, The Commander of The Royal Demak

Sunan Kudus was known as the propagator of Islam in Indonesia and he belonged to Walisongo. He was the son of Sunan Ngudung couple. When the Hindu Javanese kingdoms were fallen, the muslim Kingdoms appeared. Sunan Ngudung was the son of Sultan in Palestine named Raden Santri. He was moved to Java and arrived in the royal Demak and he was lifted as the war commander. Sunan Kudus was not the originated from Kudus but he was from Palestine.


The Effort of Sunan Kudus from Royal Demak to Teach Islam for Society

Sunan Kudus  was the son of Sunan Ngudung or Raden Usman Haji with Dewi Ruhil or Syarifah Ruhil with title Nyai Anom Manyuran Binti Ageng Melaka binti Sunan Ampel. Sunan Kudus was the 24th descendant of Nabi Muhammad. Babad Tanah Jawi was the translation from Punika Serat Babad Tanah Jawi Wiwit Saking Nabi Adam Doemoegiing Taoen 1647 which was arranged by WL. Olthof in Leiden, Netherland in 1941. Just like other histories, people can find the history of Royal Demak and the events happened in the kingdoms of Java completely.

According to the book, Javanese people choose Islam and they discussed to build mosque in Demak. Walingsongo divided the task and only Sunan Kalijaga was left behind because he was in pamantingan at that time. When he went back to Demak, the mosque was already established. Sunan Kalijaga gathered the woods to make the pole. The kiblat was positioned to ka’bah in Mecca. The headman was Sunan Kudus. After several Fridays and walisongo prayed together in the mosque, Sunan Kudus sat under the drum.

Then, the package fell down from the top and inside it, there was sajadah and also veil of Kanjeng Rasul. At that time, many Javanese people learnt Islam along with some powers too. There were 2 famous teachers who were Sunan Kudus dan Sunan Kalijaga. Sunan Kudus had 3 students who were Sultan Pajang, Sunan Prawata and Arya Penansang in Jipang. His beloved student was Arya Penansang. According to Babad Jawi, Sunan Kudus loved Arya penansang though his student was described as the low-tempered person and clumsy.

It was almost impossible for Sunan Kudus to love student like that. Meanwhile, Sunan Kudus was known to be the wisest man in Walisongo when he worked at the Royal Demak. Sunan Kudus made the cultural heritage which was known as cultural approaching. It was seen so clearly from the Kudus Tower which was the result of acculturation between Islam, Chinese and Hindu cultures and the tower was described as the multicultural tower. The material aspect from Kudus Tower brought certain meaning to create the ideology of Sunan Kudus.

The myth of Sunan Kudus can be found in the cultural heritage object from the history, image, legend, tradition, expression, art and folklore which developed between people in Kudus. He was known as the person who had high tolerance, had knowledge, charismatic and also artist. The fact is, the people now can see the Kudus tower from the Rp5.000 and this is the form of appreciation and also the heritage of Sunan Kudus from Royal Demak. Sunan Kudus taught the people to have tolerance each other until the end of his life.

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