Syekh Jangkung, A Famous Figure for His Innocence

For people who live in Pati, Central Java, the name of Syekh Jangkung is so familiar and it can’t be separated at all from his power to help people. He is also famous with his innocence so no wonder, his name is so legendary. However, back then, he was also known as Saridin. According to the history, Saridin was the adoptive son of Ki Ageng Kingiran who was found on the rive edge. Then, Ki Ageng Kingiran took the baby and gave Saridin as the name.


The Famous Syekh Jangkung and His Great Power

At that time, Ki Ageng Kingiran wanted to have a son though he already had the daughter name Sumiyem. After being adult, Sumiyem became the wife of Branjung while Saridin married to Sumirah. In one version, it was told that young Saridin became the student of famous Sunan Kalijaga until he had the strong power. As the time went by, Ki Ageng Kingiran gave Saridin advice that he died, then the Durian tree will be passed onto Saridin and Branjung as the husband of Sumiyem.

Ki Ageng Kingiran told that Durian tree was like Branjung while Saridin was the night. If the Durian fell down in the afternoon, it belonged to Branjung but if the Durian fell down at night, it belonged to Saridin. Then, no Durian fell down in the afternoon but at night, Durian fell down in huge amount. Branjung started to get jealous and he wanted to be the tiger to scare Saridin. After being a tiger, Branjung climbed the tree. Saridin knew there was the tiger on the tree. Then, Saridin killed it and when the tiger was dead, it became a human again.

The leader of Pati punished him and Saridin was jailed. Before being jailed, Saridin asked whether he could go back to home when he missed his son and wife. The officer said he could go home if he could. At night, Saridin could go back and forth and the leader of Pati was angry. Then, he would punish Saridin by hanging him. However, the officers could not pull the rope at all because it was too heavy. Saridin offered himself to help and he was out of the rope and pulled the rope.

Adipati was even angrier and he wanted to kill Saridin at that time. Then, Saridin decided to to run away and became the student of Sunan Kudus. Here, Saridin didn’t stop to show his power. When Sunan Kudus told him to pray, other students looked down on Saridin and he was not sure that he could speak properly. However, something unexpected happened. He went out and climbed the coconut tree and fell down from the top of it. However, nothing happened and all people didn’t know what was going on.

Sunan Kudus explained that Saridin didn’t only speak Syahadat but the whole body of him was Syahadat because he gave all his safety to the Lord who has everything. However, other students still looked down on him. He always showed off his power to other students even when other students didn’t like him but he didn’t do something bad at all. However, Sunan Kudus had to send him off and after being sent off by Sunan Kudus, the famous Saridin met Sunan Kalijaga as his former teacher and Sunan Kalijaga told him to meditate in the sea.

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