The Mystery of Gajah Mada's Death, Majapahit War Commander

Gajah Mada was known as the famous figure not only in the history of Majapahit kingdom, but also for the entire nation. His popularity was even bigger than Hayam Wuruk who was the king at that time. However, he was not known as the War Commander only but also his death has been remaining mystery until now. No one knows how Gajah Mada died and even, no one knows where he was buried. This big figure caused the big question to the rest of people.


The Death of Gajah Mada Has Been Remaining as Mystery Until Now with No Clear Proof

Actually, Gajah Mada was the mysterious figure right at the beginning. Some death notes of Gajah Mada told different stories about his death and also the causes. In the book of Kakawin Nagarakertagama, Gajah Mada was mentioned to go on the journey to many regions on the east of Java such as Bima, Sanghyang Api or Sengeang Island, Dompo or Dompu, Taliwang and some regions in Sumbawa Island. Some people said that in Lombok, NTB especially in the region of Selaparang, there was a tomb of Gajah Mada.

The form of the tomb was like the round well with the arrangement of stones in medium size but all of them were well-maintained without any sign or name on it so it is still msytery who was buried under the tomb. Meanwhile, people who live in Tuban believe that Gajah Mada was buried in their region on Bejagung Village, Kecamatan Semanding, Tuban. The tomb was well-known with the name “Makam Barat Ketiga” or The Third West Tomb.

This is the popular term from Javanese language means dry win. In Lampung, there is also a tomb believed as the last final resting place of Gajah Mada. This tomb is located on Pugung Tampak, Liwa, Lampung. According to the story, the ship which was boarded by Gajah Mada sunk in Pugung. After that, Gajah Mada was ill and died. He was buried in Pekon Pugung. On the tomb, there was a “keris”, belt, sword, crown and other things related to Gajah Mada. However, the tomb is just like the mound of red land.


The Mystery of War Commander’s Death was Moksa

In 1981, they built a fence around the tomb and after that, they also built the floor around the tomb in 2010. Many people who live in different regions claimed to have the tomb of Gajah Mada in their lands. However, according to the book of Sunda Pupuh, it was mentioned that Gajah Mada was actually disappeared or known as “moksa”. In the third book of Sunda Pupuh, it was explained that Hayam Wuruk worried to see the Bubat War between Majapahit army led by Gajah Mada with the army of Sunda Kingdom.

Then, Hayam Wuruk went to the home of Dyah Pitaloka who was the Sundanese princess and Hayam Wuruk planned to propose her. However, the princess was found dead. Hayam Wuruk was shocked about it and soon, he also died after princess was being buried. The death of Hayam Wuruk made some Majapahit figures blamed Gajah Mada who should have to pick up Dyah Pitaloka in order to attack the Sundanese army. This Bubat army left the revenge until the modern era.

Hayam Wuruk’s uncles named Daha King and Kahuripan King agreed to blame Gajah Mada due to Bubat misery and they wanted to capture and kill Gajah Mada. While being chased by the kingdom’s army, Gajah Mada chose to do “moksa” which meant he wanted to die and disappear along with his body. There are so many different stories about Gajah Mada and still, it has remaining as the mystery until now with no exact proof to tell what exactly was going on to the famous War Commander.

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