The Oath of The Fifth King of Brawijaya on Mount Lawu

Mountains have been connecting with some urban legends or something spiritual within it for so long. Mount Lawu is no exception because there is one famous story local people believe until now which is the King Brawijaya V with his oath. This one is so legendary and until now, many people want to know about the real story and why Brawijaya spoke of his oath on the mountain. Mount Lawu is located on  between Kabupaten Karanganyar, Central Java and also Magetan, East Java.


What is The Contents of The Oath Spoken by King Brawijaya V

From long time ago until now, Mount Lawu is known as the place with history which is so close to the biggest kingdom in Indonesia, Majapahit Kingdom. According to the story from local people who live around the mountain, this oldest mountain in Java Island was the place for King Brawijaya V to isolate himself. The last leader of Majapahit Kingdom made Mount Lawu as the meditation area for the rest of his life and accompanied by his 2 loyal servants named Noyo Genggong and Sabdo Palon.

Based on the story, Brawijaya chose to isolate himself on the mountain because he wanted to avoid the pursuit of his child, Raden Patah. Brawijaya avoided bloodshed because he refused to follow the trust being followed by Raden Patah. He also got the revelation that Majapahit kingdom with the trust of Hinduism will fade away and being replaced by the glory of the new kingdom in Java, Demak with Raden Patah as the new leader in the kitchen. Beside staying away from the son’s pursuit, Brawijaya also avoided from the army of Adipati Cepu who had the grudge on him.

At that time, basically Majapahit was on the ruin country so Adipati Cepu was not brave to speak against Brawijaya. Since he was being chased, he was so tired and felt broken heart as well as the disappointment. Brawijaya then spoke the oath whose the contents about to forbid the whole descendants of Adipati Cepu including people from Cepu to enter the land of Gunung Lawu or even climb it. Untl now, the climber or hikers from those lands are not brave enough to climb this mountain at all.

It is because people believe that those “Special” people was could get into trouble if they break the rule. Meanwhile, the existence of Wijaya King in Mount Lawu was signed by the tomb which is believed as the “petilasan”. The local people around there mention the Sunan Lawu also. Perhaps, the place was being sacred until now. Some Javanese spiritual as well as the caretaker of Mount Malang that was the boy ot Mount Lawu. Lawu was known as the ancient mountain.

According to the history, that mountain was once erupted and exploded so big. It is proved by the existence of giant rocks spread over the mountain. After the oath of King Brawijaya, this mountain becomes more sacred. This mount is unique because it cut 2 provinces. What is so unique about this mountain is because you can find varieties of animals and floras inside. The chill wind may complete the scene so no wonder this mount is quite popular for hiking and climbing.

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