The Story of Brojo Seti Singo Barong and The Snake Bridge

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For people who live in Dukuhseti village, Pati, Central Java, Mbah Brojo Seti Singo Barong is known as the hero that spread Islam in this area. Even in the history of Dukuhseti village, the struggle of Mbah Brojo is described so well. The original name of “Dukuhseti” is taken from the name Brojo Seti. He was so famous with the snake bridge as the legend and history. There are many college students come to this village for doing their project by taking the story of Brojo Seti.


The Famous Snake Bridge who was Once A Bad Demon in Dukuhseti Village

The struggle of Mbah Brojo Seti was not real 100% true since there are many versions related to his struggle and effort in Dukuhseti. However, according to the legend as said by Ngalimun who is the caretaker of Mbah Brojo Seti’s tomb said that the history of Mbah Brojo Seti was originated from the Brojo Seri himself while being the apprentice of KH. Ahmad Mutamakkin Kajen Pati who was the guardian whose the popularity known so well in the northern people beside the figure of Saridin or Syekh Jangkung.

Based on the story, Mbah Brojo Seti along with his teacher Mbah Mutamakkin came to their original place and spread Islam in that area. However, he got the challenge from the demon named Ki Gede Tualang who was said that he could transform into pig or snake even he could transform into the big rock by the river. At that time, Ki Gede Tualang kept annoying the villager even he also raped Mbah Brojo Seti’s wife named Wasilah Surgi because Mbah Brojo Seti was also known and called as “Mbah Surgi”.

However, the bad things done by Ki Gede Tualang was known by the apprentice of Mbah Brojo Seti named Mbah Anggur or Syekh Hamim. Syekh Hamim had the task to take care of Mbah Brojo Seti’s livestock. The name “anggur” came with the meaning of “bocah nggur-ngguran” whose their jobs are sheperd and recite the Qur-an. But before Mbah Anggur could give the report to Mbah Brojo, Mbah Anggur was murdered by Ki Gede Tualang. However, buffalo which was owned by Mbah Brojo Seti was so powerful; the buffalo sent him the report.

brojo seti tombThen, Mbah Anggur’s blood was flown around the rice paddy field so the paddy field was known as “sawah sebleber” by people around there because his blood was flown. Then, Mbah Brojo Seti was angry and he turned into the big lion and came to the Ki Gede Tualang. However, Ki Gede also turned into a snake and also pig. Both of them chased each other until they arrived ay the small village in the western of Dukuhseri village. When Ki Gede Tualang was chased by Mbah Brojo Seti, he disappeared right away.

He always disappeared several times and until this time, the people name that village as Dusun Jebolan which based on the administrative and it was divided into two locations between Dukuhseti and Ngagel village. Mbah Brojo Seti could not capture Ki Gede Tualang and he reported to KH. Ahmad Mutamakkin Kajen and was given with whip to catch him. After that, Ki Gede Tualang lost and was brought in front of KH. Ahmad Mutamakkin. However, he was stopped in the middle of the road at Guno Ngagel river.

Mbah Brojo could not bring him and his teacher said to let him stay so he could be the bridge for people. When rainy season comes, the bridge would turn into a snake and annoy people.

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