The Tragedy of the Bubat War and the Cancel of Marriage of Hayam Wuruk-Dyah Pitaloka

Bubat happened in 1279 Saka or 1357 masehi in 14th century. Bubat happened in the reign of Hayam Wuruk In Majapahit. The war happened because of the fight from Gajah Mada and also Prabu Maharaja Linggabuana from Sundanese kingdom. The fight caused the Sundanese people died. This fight was considered to be the last and also the greatest among other. However, this one could make you understand that being the hunter is not the last but the beginning of harder journey.


The Beginning of Bubat War Due to Misunderstanding

The beginning of Bubat war was from the passion or desire of Hayam Wuruk to make Dyah Pitaloka Citraresmi a wife from Sundanese nation. What made Hayam Wuruk interested to marry Dyah Pitaloka was because the paintings of the princess were spread widely in Majapahit. The painting was made quietly by the artist at that time named Sungging Prabangkara. According to the note of Pajajaran history by Saleh Danasasmita and also the writing of fight by Yoseph Iskandar, the trus intention of the marriage was to re-create the strong relationship.

Raden Wijaya was known as the creator of Majapahit admitted to have the Sundanese blood from Dyah Lembu Tal and also Rakeyan Jayadarma, the king of Sunda Kingdom. This thing was also noted inside some different books based on the history. Hayam Wuruk really wanted to marry Dyah Pitaloka because of the political factor in the end such as to make Sunda kingdom the ally. After getting agreement from the family kingdom, Hayam Wuruk sent the honor letter to Maharaja Linggabuana for proposing Dyah Pitaloka.

Based on the custom on that region, it was not good at all for the bride-to-be to come and give herself to the man. Beside that, some other parties would think that it was just the Majapahit’s diplomatic trap to extend its power or land and one of the ways was to rule Dompu kingdom in Nusa Tenggara. The king Linggabuana chose to depart to Majapahit because there was the feeling of brotherhood from the lines of two kingdoms. Linggabuana departed with his army to Majapahit and accepted in Pesanggrahan Bubat.

The Sundanese King came to bubat along with his wife and princess with only few army. According to the book of Sundayana, Patih Gajah Mada had the idea to rule Sunda Kingdom. Gajah Mada want to fulfill the oath of Palapa he made by himself before Hayam Wuruk became the king because from almost all kingdoms in Indonesia, Sunda was the only one left. Because of that, Gajah Mada made the reason to think that the arrival of Sundanese kingdom to Pesanggrahan Bubat was the kind of surrender.

Gajah Mada also forced Hayam Wuruk to accept Dyah Pitaloka not as the bride but as the sign that Sunda was finally conquered.. Hayam Wuruk was so confused about the problem since Gajah Mada was the reliable commander at that time. Soon, the war happened between the army of Gajah Mada and Linggabuana’s army. It was also said that Dyah Pitaloka committed suicide to honor his nation and kingdom. This kind of action was believed to protect their pride as Sundanese people.

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