(No.57). Mas Soedarmadi

Mas Soedarmadi, toeroen anak:

(No.200). Mas Soedarjono, lahir ing taoen 1920, mati ing taoen 1921, oemoer 1,5 taoen.
(No.201). Mas Rara Markamah, lahir ing Pati 14 Roewah 1854 (21 Maart 1924).
(No.201). Mas Mohamad Oesman, lahir ing Solo 20 Ramelan 1857 (24 Maart 1927)
(No.203). Mas Rara Soetiati, lahir ing Semarang, 22 Maart 1929, mati oemoer 9 woelan (25 November 1929).
(No.204). Mas Mohamad Soelaeman, lahir ing Semarang, 19 Bakdomoeloed (14 September 1930).

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