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Purwakalih Site, A Historical Heritage

Whether Prabu Siliwangi is just the story or real, many people still believe he was once existed in the world especially Indonesia. That is why, many people want to find out and look for the historical heritage and one of them is Purwakalian site in the area… Read More

Sunan Muria, Mediator in Internal Conflict in The Sultanate of Demak

Every member of Walisongo had their own way to spread Islam and also teach about kindness in the land of Java. One of them was Sunan Muria. He was known also as Raden Umar Syahid. He was best known as the mediator in Demak Sultanate to reduce and stop the… Read More

Get to know the Mangkunegaran Dynasty and its Founder, Pangeran Sambernyawa

Pangeran Sambernyawa was known as Raden Mas Said since he was born and he was so famous with his struggle to fight Dutch. Then, he was known as Pangeran Sambernyawa in the dynasty of Mangkunegaran. He was born in Keraton Kartosuro in 1725 and he was son of… Read More