Sultan Hamengku Buwono was known as the Pangeran Mangkubumi and also the pioneer of Keraton Yogyakarta. According to history, he was born in 1717 with the birth name Bendara Raden Mas Sujono. Pangeran Mangkubumi was the son of Sunan Amangkurat IV from the concubine named Mas Ayu Tejawati. Then, he gave color and spirit for the environment of Keraton and also to the entire of Yogyakarta society and it made Yogyakarta as the biggest city in the land of Java.

Ki Ageng Pemanahan, The Pioneer of The Mataram Sultanate

The Sultanate Mataram was the Muslim kingdom in the land of Java. The development of this kingdom can’t be separated from Ki Ageng Pemanahan who was the important figure in the kingdom. Ki Ageng Pemanahan or known also as Ki Gede Pemanahan was the pioneer of Mataram village in 1556 and then, the village developed into Sultanate Mataram under the reign of Danang Sutawijaya as his son with the title of Panembahan Senapati.

The Story of Divine Strength from Panembahan Senopati

Danang Sutawijaya or known as Panembahan Senopati ing Alaga Sayidin Panatagama was one of the pioneers of Mataram Sultanate. Based on the story, he was told to have the divine power. He was the first king of Mataram from 1587-1601 and he was also the first son of Ki Ageng Pemanahan and Nyai Sabinah. According to the sources, Ki Ageng Pemanahan was the descendant of Brawijaya who was the last king of Majapahit while his mother was the descendant of Sunan Giri.

Sunan Kalijaga, A Saint Who was Once A Robber

The big name of Sunan Kalijaga was known as one of the Walisongo members that spread Islam throughout the land of Java. However, not many people know that actually Sunan Kalijaga was once a robber. Before being a saint that spread Islam and teach kindness to other people, Sunan Kalijaga was popular in Easy Java as the robber and his nickname back then was Brandal Lokajaya. His real name was Raden Said and he was the son of Putera Adipati Tuban, Tumenggung Wilatikta.