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Because of Pomegranates, Sunan Giri Married 2 Beautiful Girls in One Day

There is nothing impossible in this world but it seems impossible for one man to marry 2 women at the same day. However, that story happened in the past and it happened in Indonesia. It was Sunan Giri who was one of walisongo members which married 2 girls on the same day. The only difference was just the time to marry. As the youngster, Joko Samudra or known as Sunan Giri was superb and he had cleverness along with wisdom though he was still young back then.
  • Pandanaran, Head of Government and Propagator of Islam in Semarang

    Ki Ageng Pandanaran or known as Pangeran Mangkubumi was given the title as Sunan Bayat or Sunan Tembayat. He was the second head of government in Semarang, central Java, Indonesia. Beside being the head of government or leader in Semarang, he was known as the important figure that spread Islam in Semarang. In 16th century, Pangeran Mangkubumi led Semarang and he was the son of the first leader in Semarang named Harya Madya Pandan.

 traditional cheese


If you have a trip to the Province of South Sulawesi, do not forget to try Dangke, the original Indonesian cheese. Danke has a number of unique qualities, which differentiate it from European cheese. Read more...