Ki Ageng Pemanahan, The Pioneer of The Mataram Sultanate

The Sultanate Mataram was the Muslim kingdom in the land of Java. The development of this kingdom can’t be separated from Ki Ageng Pemanahan who was the important figure in the kingdom. Ki Ageng Pemanahan or known also as Ki Gede Pemanahan was the pioneer of Mataram village in 1556 and then, the village developed into Sultanate Mataram under the reign of Danang Sutawijaya as his son with the title of Panembahan Senapati.


The Origin of Ki Ageng Pemanahan and Mataram Sultanate Under His Reign

Basically, Ki Juru Martani and also Ki Penjawi became other important figures in Sultanate Mataram beside Ki Ageng Pemanahan and those three were known as The Three Musketeers from Mataram though Ki Ageng Pemanahan might be the most popular to be known as the pioneer. Mataram was the region under Sultanate Pajang which was centered at Bumi Mentaok that was given to Ki Ageng Pemanahan as the gift for his service. The story began after the death of Sultan Trenggana and Demak was moved to Pajang with Jaka Tingkir as the king.

The title of Jaka Tingkir was Sultan Hadiwijaya. His position was approved by Sunan Giri who was the guardian as well as the politic advisor in Java who lived in Kewalian Giri, Gresik, East Java. Sultan Hadiwijaya was known as the wise person and soon, he got the recognition from adipati throughout Central and East Java. Meanwhile, one of the son of Sultan Prawoto who was Arya Pangiri became the Adipati Demak. In his effort to expand the power of Pajang, Sultan Hadiwijaya had to face with Adipati Jipang who was Arya Penangsang.

He was the son of Sinuwun Sekar Seda Lepen who didn’t want the throne taken by Sultan Hadiwijaya because he was just the son-in-law of Sultan Trenggana. In the story, Penangsang could be defeated by son of Pemanahan and Sultan Hadiwijaya gave the land to them. Penjawi got the land of Pati while Pemanahan got the land of Mataram. However, Sultan Hadiwijaya actually hesitated to give the land of Mataram to Pemanahan. Based on the Sunan Giri’s prophecy, Mataram could be the great power and also the politic center in Java.

When it happened, it would be a threat for Pajang existence. Because of that. Sultan Hadiwijaya took more time to give Mataram to Pemanahan. After getting the advice from Sunan Kalijaga, Mataram was given to him. Ki Ageng Pemanahan became the first head of village in Mataram. The status of Mataram village at that time was the tex-free village. Many stories said that after opening the Mataram village, Ki Ageng Pemanahan went to visit his bestfriend in Giring village and at that time, Ki Ageng Giring has just got the auspicious coconut.

If a person drank the water, he would generate the Javanese kings. Ki Ageng Pemanahan arrived at Ki Ageng Giring’s house and he was thirsty at that time. He went straight to the kitchen and found the magical coconut. He drank it till the last drop. Actually, Ki Ageng Giring was so disappointed because he could not drink it but he surrendered that God chose Pemanahan as the person who would generate the king in Java. Under the reign of Pemanahan, Mataram could grow so well but the pioneer got sick before he could enjoy the result. After that, Danang Sutawijaya continued to become the king of Mataram.


Galuh Queen and White Tiger in Bogor Botanical Garden

Bogor Botanical Garden is the best place to learn about nature and also feel the chill weather there. However, this place is also popular for the mystery especially in the cemetery area of Queen Galuh. Not many people know including the residents around that Kebun Raya Bogor has several sacred tombs which are more than 600 years old. Those tombs are also positioned near the Red Bridge which is known as the mysterious place but who is Galuh actually?

Sunan Kudus, The Commander of The Royal Demak

Sunan Kudus was known as the propagator of Islam in Indonesia and he belonged to Walisongo. He was the son of Sunan Ngudung couple. When the Hindu Javanese kingdoms were fallen, the muslim Kingdoms appeared. Sunan Ngudung was the son of Sultan in Palestine named Raden Santri. He was moved to Java and arrived in the royal Demak and he was lifted as the war commander. Sunan Kudus was not the originated from Kudus but he was from Palestine.

Purwakalih Site, A Historical Heritage

Whether Prabu Siliwangi is just the story or real, many people still believe he was once existed in the world especially Indonesia. That is why, many people want to find out and look for the historical heritage and one of them is Purwakalian site in the area of Batutulis Bogor which was known as one of the historical area with so many sites and also inscriptions left by Padjajaran along with the inscription. At least, you may find 3 different inscriptions there.