Mbah Kuwu Sangkan and Mystical Phenomenon in His Grave

The grave of Mbah Kuwu Sangkan or known as Mbah Kuwu Cerbon is located in Cirebon Girang village, Kecamatan Talun, Cirebon, West Java. Until now, that cemetery becomes the destination for people to pray not only for the local people but also for travelers. They don’t only want to look closer the cemetery which is sacred by people but they want to witness the mystical phenomenon happened there right in the grave while others just want to pray only and visit the historical site.



The Uniqueness About Mbah Kuwu Sangkan’s Grave

The grave of Mbah Kuwu Sangkan is not only becoming the place for praying but also people who come there want to ask more such as wealth, meditation, glory and more. Some of them also believe if they do something religious around the cemetery, then they will get something good in return. Many people come to this site not only because of the history along this place but also the phenomenon that is impossible for people to believe it unless they see it directly. Based on the histories, Mbah Kuwu Sangkan was the founder of Cirebon.

That is why, he was also known as Mbah Kuwu Cerbon. However, it was not his true name because his real name was Prince Walangsungsang. He was the descendant of Prabu Siliwangi who was the king of Pajajaran and also his wife, Nyai Mas Subanglarang or Subang Krancang who was the Princess Mangkubumi Mertasinga Cirebon. His siblings were Prince Raja Sangara and Nyai Mas Ratu Rara Santang. When he left his place and did the journey from village or village, Mbah Kuwu Sangkan got another name of Prince Cakrabuana.

His sacred weapon was “Golok Cabang”, “Manuk Sang Bango” and “Klambi Waring”. Beside that, his pets were so many from Sanggramawa cat, Bulekarone Kebo Dongkol and also Macan Samba. He also got the “klambi waring”. According to the history, Mbah Kuwu was the first person to throw the Maulid Nabi celebration so many people came to know what is going on actually. Back then, that place was the forest that was cut down to build a village. Also in this place, many people felt something irrational.

Some people admit to see the white tiger after praying at that place. Many people are so surprised about it but they just go back to pray and also stand still. After looking at the right persons, the white tiger was gone slowly. As long as you can be silent and calm, then you will not see the white tiger at all. Somehow, the white tiger will appear once there are many people who want to do something immoral. No wonder that many people wanted to join him and basically, the white tiger was just the part of myth.

Many people believe that the white tiger was te Kanjeng Prabu Siliwangi. Regardless of the phenomenon happened in the grave of Mbah Kuwu Sangkan, there are many people who just pray or “ziarah”. That is why, almost everyday, there must be at least one person to come and visit the cemetery to pray. Since this cemetery is so sacred, it is better for many people understand what to do and what you need to avoid so you will not cause chaos.


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