Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin, Founder of The Banten Kingdom

Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin is known best as Sultan Hasanudin Banten. He had the important role in the spread of Muslim in Banten. He was the founder of Banten Kingdom as well as the first leader of Muslim region in Banten. Sultan Hasanudin was the second son of Nyi Kawunganten who was the daughter of Prabu Surasowan which at that time, he was the governor of Banten. Prabu Surasowan was also known as Syaikh Syarif Hidayatullah or known as Sunan Gunung Jati.



Sultan Hasanuddin and The Spread of Muslim Under His Reign

Since Sultan Hasanudin was child, he was given the title of Prince Sabakingking or Seda Kikin by his grandfather, Prabu Surasowan. When Prabu was dead, his position was passed to his child named Arya Surajaya or Prabu Pucuk Umun. Then, he led the region of Banten Girang under the power of Pajajaran Kingdom. At that time, the official religion was Hindu. Meanwhile, Sunan Gunung Jati went back to Cirebon to be the leader of Cirebon as governor to replace prince Cakrabuana who was dead.

Prince Hasanudin chose to stay in Banten Kingdom to be a Muslim teacher and he built the “pesantren”. Then, he was known to have so many students so he was given the title as Syekh. Since then, his popularity was beyond the charisma of Banten’s governor who was his own uncle, Prabu Pucuk Umun. Since then, their relationship got worse even though Hasanudin was his nephew. Though the place is different, Syekh Hasanudin kept the relationship better and also visited his father often.

Time went by until one day, Sunan Gunung Jati gave a task to his son to continue his duty in spreading “dakwah” in Banten city because the religion knowledge of Hasanudin was enough. Syekh Hasanudin accepted the task and he spread Muslim from mountain to mountain around Banten until Ujung Kulon along with his students. However, there were so many obstacles he needed to face at that time and the biggest challenge came from Prabu Pucuk Umun, his uncle. He insisted to defend the Sunda Wiwitan lesson or Hindu which was influenced by the Animism.

He insisted to defend it as the only official religion. It didn’t make Syekh Hasanudin gave up but he kept spreading the “dakwah” of Muslim harder. The result was, Prabu Pucuk Umun challenged him to war. However, it was not like the war with weapon but the war of 2 chicken or known as chicken fight so they could avoid any victim. If Pucuk Umun’s chicken lost, then his position as the governor of Banten Girang would be given to Hasanudin. If Hasanudin’s chicken lost, then he should stop spreading “dakwah”.

Hasanudin accepted the challenge and the chicken fight was done in the slope of Mount Karang and Hasanudin won it. After winning the fight, Pucuk Umun did what he promised and gave the position to Hasanudin while he and also his followers were exiled to the inland of Banten around Mount Kendeng. Sultan Hasanuddin became governor of Banten after being appointed by Sultan Demak. During his reign, Banten Kingdom was advanced in many things and he was so popular not only in Indonesia but also overseas.


Ajisaka, Carrier of Javanese Civilization

Every land in the world may have its different history and also the legendary folk related to it including Indonesia. Every island in this country has its urban legend believed by all people no matter it is true or just a legend. One of the popular legends is Ajisaka. It is the Javanese legend about the arrival of civilization into the land of Java carried by a King named Ajisaka. This legend also covers the origins or Javanese letters called “Aksara Jawa” used centuries ago as the main letters…

The Oath of The Fifth King of Brawijaya on Mount Lawu

Mountains have been connecting with some urban legends or something spiritual within it for so long. Mount Lawu is no exception because there is one famous story local people believe until now which is the King Brawijaya V with his oath. This one is so legendary and until now, many people want to know about the real story and why Brawijaya spoke of his oath on the mountain. Mount Lawu is located on between Kabupaten Karanganyar, Central Java and also Magetan, East Java.

Pandanaran, Head of Government and Propagator of Islam in Semarang

Ki Ageng Pandanaran or known as Pangeran Mangkubumi was given the title as Sunan Bayat or Sunan Tembayat. He was the second head of government in Semarang, central Java, Indonesia. Beside being the head of government or leader in Semarang, he was known as the important figure that spread Islam in Semarang. In 16th century, Pangeran Mangkubumi led Semarang and he was the son of the first leader in Semarang named Harya Madya Pandan.