The Story of The First Cakraningrat From Madura

Cakraningrat I was known also as Raden Prasena and he was the King of Madura in the land of Java who led west Madura as the leader under Mataram kingdom. According to the story, Cakraningrat or Raden Prasena married to the princess from Mataram kingdom. Since he was the leader under Mataram, he spent so much time with Mataram instead of Madura. Based on the history, Raden Prasena was so loyal to the king of Mataram which was known as Sultan Agung.


Knowing The Brave Story of The First Cakraningrat for Madura and His Contribution

Before knowing about the story of Cakraningrat I or Raden Prasena, you need to know that Raden Prasena was died along with his first son which was the Raden Demang Malayakusuma in 1647. Both of them died when they did the duty to stop the war done by Prince Alit in the Plered square. Meanwhile the other son who was Raden Undagan was crowned by Mataram to be the replace of his father and got the title of Cakraningrat II. The heir of Cakraningrat was known as the first to develop the new system to lead the kingdom in Madura including Bangkalan.

After marrying to the little siste of Sultan Agung, he would not stay in just one restaurant. During his lead, he would not spend so long in Sampang as the place for his kingdom. It is because he needed to report to Mataram Kingdom once a year plus he must do something better. Since the king of Madura was not in Sampang or Madura overall to lead, the power was moved temporarily to Sontomerto. Actually, he didn’t have any child at all from his marriage with Sultan Agung’s little sister at all until his wife died.

Then, he married again to Ratu Ibu or known with the name of Syarifah Ambani who was the heir of Sunan Giri. From his second marriage, Raden Prasena got 3 children right away and he also got some other children from his concubine. This can be seen from the family tree in Asta Aer Mata Ibu. Because of Cakraningrat, Bangkalan started to develop in 1891 as the center of Kingdom from the entire authority in Madura when Cakraningrat II as the son of Cakraningrat I took the leadership.

Basically, the clan of Cakraningrat gave so many contributions with the title of Sultan Bangkalan II. The king of Cakraningrat can give the contribution to Dutch and tried finding the best way to return the kingdom back to some regions in Indonesia along with some English soldier. That is why, cakraningrat will be remembered because of his contribution. Dutch allowed them to build the military with some weapons with advanced technology at that time. It can be said that Bangkalan at that time was the warehouse of weapons including the exploded warehouse.

However, after the reign of Cakraningrat, there were no other kings like him or even his descendants. According to the story, there were so many great things he did during his life here and it was all for Madura to become one of the powerful region in the land of java and other islands in Indonesia.


The Tragedy of the Bubat War and the Cancel of Marriage of Hayam Wuruk-Dyah Pitaloka

Bubat happened in 1279 Saka or 1357 masehi in 14th century. Bubat happened in the reign of Hayam Wuruk In Majapahit. The war happened because of the fight from Gajah Mada and also Prabu Maharaja Linggabuana from Sundanese kingdom. The fight caused the Sundanese people died. This fight was considered to be the last and also the greatest among other. However, this one could make you understand that being the hunter is not the last but the beginning of harder journey.

Petruk, The Witty Bearer of Wisdom

In the book of “Mitologi dan Toleransi Orang Jawa” by Ben Anderson, Javanese people were mentioned to have the value of “adhiluhung” in interpreting their life. That value is reflected in the world of shadow puppet or “wayang” as the guidelines of life for Javanese people. One of the figures in shadow puppets is Petruk. This characteristic is so famous with his advice and also wisdom in life. He is the member of Punakawan which is so famous in the land of Java.

Sri Susuhunan Pakubuwono X, The First Car Owner in Indonesia

Vehicle was considered as the luxurious thing in Indonesia and back then, there were not many people had vehicle because this was something expensive. However, did you know the first car owner in Indonesia during the colonial era? Most people will think that the first vehicle owner in Indonesia was Dutch because they were rich and Indonesian people became their slaves for years. However, you are wrong because the first vehicle owner in this land was Sri Susuhunan Pakubuwono X.